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Mikołów. A woman in dark clothes was lying on the ground. After the deduction, she died. The wanted black Skoda driver did not hear the charges

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The prosecution questioned a 32-year-old black Skoda driver who had been wanted by the police for several days in connection with the fatal hit of a 41-year-old woman. The man did not hear the charges. The investigation indicates that the pedestrian was at a pedestrian crossing, but she was lying on the ground in dark clothes. The driver, on the other hand, had a green light and limited visibility.

The police in Mikołów was looking for a black Skoda driver from Saturday, September 18. Circumstances – body fragments and testimonies of other drivers indicated that such a car fatally hit a 41-year-old pedestrian on the national road number 44. From the beginning, investigators reported that the woman was at a pedestrian crossing, although she should not enter it because she had a red light . The more they appealed to the driver of the black Skoda to come to them himself.

Three days later, on Tuesday the police arrested a 32-year-old resident of the district where the tragedy occurred, the owner of a black Skoda Fabia. The man admitted that at the same time the 41-year-old was hit, he was returning from work on road 44.

On Wednesday, the 32-year-old was brought to the prosecutor’s office. – At present, the collected material does not allow him to be presented with charges – Alicja Domańska, deputy district prosecutor in Mikołów, told us on Friday.

After being questioned as a witness, the man was released home, and the police and the prosecutor are still explaining how the incident happened.

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Green light and reduced visibility

The tragedy happened on the national road number 44 right at the intersection of Gliwicka, Górnośląska and Jesionowa streets on Saturday around 5 am. A hit 41-year-old resident of Ruda Śląska died on the spot despite being reanimated. The driver who hit her did not stop.

The 41-year-old died after the hit, the driver drove awaySilesian police

– The results of the investigation so far show that the driver had the green light after five o’clock in the morning when crossing the pedestrian crossing. On the other hand, the victim, dressed in dark clothes, was lying on the road at the same time, informs the prosecutor Domańska.

The investigation was based on, inter alia, testimonies of witnesses, monitoring records and expert opinions in the field of road traffic. Domańska: – The expert pointed out that the headlights of the car driving in front limited the visibility of the Skoda driver.

The prosecutor’s office is still waiting for an opinion after the 41-year-old autopsy was performed. The opinion is to include toxicological studies.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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