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Mikołów. He was carrying a log of wood three times the length of the car in the Cinquecento. Again

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Police officers from Mikołów (Silesian Voivodeship) were controlling the speed with which cars were passing, when suddenly they saw a red Fiat Cinquecento carrying an approximately nine-meter log of wood. For the 44-year-old driver, the case ended with a ticket and the receipt of the registration certificate. It wasn’t the first time the same man had transported wood in this way.

The driver of the Fiat Cinquecento was arrested on Monday on Spyry Street in Mikołów. The policemen were standing there and controlling the speed of passing cars, when suddenly a red Fiat Cinquecento appeared on the horizon. The car had a clearly raised front, which already from a distance indicated an excessive load or damage to the car.

It quickly turned out that the reason was the unusual load it was carrying. The driver put a nine-metre-long log of wood into the car, which is just over three meters long. To give the appearance that he was driving in accordance with the regulations, he hung a reflective vest at the end of it.

– The police officers checked the driver. It turned out to be a 44-year-old resident of Mikołów – says junior aspirant Ewa Sikora, press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Mikołów.

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The driver’s registration card was taken awayKPP Mikołów

Earlier, he got busted with stolen wood

It turned out that this is not the first time a driver has transported wood in this way. – The topic of the Fiat Cinquecento driver and the 44-year-old appeared in January. The constables were going to the intervention and on their way there they noticed this cinquecento, exactly the same, loaded with wood. They took action against him. What was visible to the naked eye – the man was violating traffic regulations. It also turned out then that the tree he was carrying was stolen – says Sikora.

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The man then explained that he had stolen the wood out of poverty. The State Forests estimated the value of the stolen tree at PLN 30. – The case went to the department of offenses to refer it to the court, and not punish the 44-year-old with a ticket – explains the policewoman.


The driver, however, apparently did not change his behavior. Since then, he has transported wood in this way at least twice, and was fined by the police last Monday.

He didn’t go any further. He was given a ticket and eight penalty points

This time the uniforms wouldn’t let him go. – As the policemen knew that the previous time he was carrying a stolen tree, they first tried to verify what happened to this tree – says Sikora.

It was established that it came from a legal source. – However, the driver again violated traffic regulations, for which he was punished in accordance with the tariff – he received a fine of PLN 200 and eight penalty points – says Sikora.

The most severe punishment for the 44-year-old, however, is the retention of the car’s registration certificate. – The policemen decided that the pressure on the rear axle was huge and the structure of the vehicle could be violated – says the representative of the Mikołów police.

Main photo source: KPP Mikołów

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