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Milejczyce commune. The 72-year-old was accused of killing a friend with a picket fence. The court sentenced him to 10 years in prison

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According to investigators, the 72-year-old stabbed his friend in the face with a knife and struck multiple blows with the rail. He then drove off, leaving the unconscious man unaided. He died from choking on blood. The court sentenced the defendant from the Milejczyce commune (Podlaskie Voivodeship) to 10 years in prison. He assumed that he acted in a state of limited sanity, hence the punishment is to be carried out in a therapeutic system. The judgment is not final.

The prosecutor’s office wanted 15 years in prison in this case, the auxiliary prosecutors – 25 years and a total of 150,000. PLN compensation.

The District Court in Białystok sentenced a 72-year-old man to 10 years in prison. The relatives of the deceased (son and sister) are to pay a total of PLN 15,000. PLN compensation.

The court assumed that the 72-year-old acted in a state of limited sanity (illustration photo)TVN24

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The 72-year-old was staying with a friend. He was behind on electricity bills

The crime took place on April 30, 2022 in one of the villages in the Podlasie commune of Milejczyce. The prosecutor’s office accused the defendant of having stabbed his friend in the face with a knife, he also inflicted many blows with a wooden rail all over his body and drove off, leaving the man unconscious without help.

He died as a result of choking on blood.

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The 72-year-old pensioner made extra money by helping on the farm of this friend and he also lived there, he was supposed to incur electricity costs, but he was in arrears with payments – according to investigators, this could have been the basis of a tragic quarrel. As he testified in the trial, it was an acquaintance who first attacked him for refusing to go for alcohol to a neighboring village, two kilometers away.

“We had an argument and then I hit him,” he said at the beginning of the trial.

He said he had gone to his family to call an ambulance

As if in a defensive reaction, he allegedly gave his friend two (as he claimed) hits with a wooden rail. He also claimed that although he had a kitchen knife in his hand, he threw it to the ground and did not deal any blows with it.

The defendant also said that when his friend fell and did not get up, he got on his bike and rode about a kilometer to his family to call an ambulance. When he returned, the police and an ambulance were already on the scene, and he was then detained, then temporarily arrested. He was not brought to the publication of the judgment.

The prison sentence is to be served in a therapeutic system

The court sentenced him to 10 years in prison. He took into account that – as assessed by experts in the field of psychiatry and psychology appointed in this case – the perpetrator had a significantly limited sanity to control his conduct. The prison sentence is to be carried out in a therapeutic system, which was also recommended by the experts.

Judge Grażyna Zawadzka-Lotko said justifying the verdict that the defendant was aware that there was a high probability of murder and he was aware that his actions (knife blows and rail hits) could cause death.

The court assessed that the actions aimed at providing help, i.e. the fact that he went to his family to call an ambulance from them, indicates the lack of intention to directly kill, but – on the other hand – by inflicting so many blows to the head – he was aware that that he could kill his friend and at the same time agreed to such an outcome.

Court: the abuse of alcohol works to the detriment of the perpetrator

The intention to kill was sudden, it was not planned, the accused acted under the influence of a strong impulse and negative emotions – judge Zawadzka-Lotko justified.

Referring to the punishment, she drew attention to the high degree of social harmfulness, and emphasized that the abuse of alcohol also works to the detriment of the perpetrator. It was in his favor that he expressed remorse and apologized to the relatives of the deceased.

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– It seems that drug addiction treatment combined with therapy, with a sufficiently long period of penitentiary impact, may lead him to change his social attitudes – added the judge.

Referring to the motion of the defence, who applied for acquittal or extraordinary leniency, the court pointed out that, apart from a significant limitation of sanity, there were no other exceptional circumstances that could affect the amount of the penalty.

Main photo source: TVN24

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