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Military parade in Warsaw. Foreign media comment

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The parade on the occasion of the Polish Army Day, which took place on Tuesday in Warsaw, is widely commented on by foreign media. Most of them point out that it was the largest military parade in our country since the end of the Cold War. The press unanimously believes that it was a meaningful message addressed to Russia, but also to Polish voters.

The culminating point of this year’s central celebrations of the Polish Army Day was military parade on Warsaw’s Wisłostrada. About two thousand soldiers took part in it. Over 200 military vehicles and almost a hundred aircraft were presented.

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On Tuesday, the streets of Warsaw were driven by m. fourteen Abrams tanks, i.e. all that Poland has received so far. In the air, we saw the only AW101 helicopter and both FA-50 aircraft owned by the Polish Air Force. Next to them, the AW149 helicopter was presented – the Ministry of National Defense ordered one a year ago, but in Warsaw there was a copy belonging to the manufacturer. All received HIMARS rocket launchers and half of the K2 tanks and Black Hawk helicopters were also shown.

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This year’s parade on the occasion of the Polish Army Day is commented on by foreign media.

“Biggest military parade since the end of the Cold War”

Ukrainian Pravda emphasizes that it was “the largest military parade since the end of the Cold War” in Poland.

“A full-scale invasion Russia to Ukraine made strengthening the armed forces a priority for the Polish authorities. Poland has announced that it will double the size of its army to 300,000 soldiers and increase defense spending to around 4 percent of GDP.

Nexta TV station published a recording comparing Tuesday’s parade in Warsaw with the one that took place in Moscow on May 9 on the occasion of Victory Day. In the first recording – from the capital of Poland – you can see numerous equipment – tanks, helicopters and planes, in the second – almost empty streets with only one tank.

Deutsche Welle: Poland wants to scare off Russia with a huge military parade

“Poland wants to scare off Russia with a huge military parade,” headlines Deutsche Welle.

“Poland invests massively in its armed forces. Tuesday’s military parade was a demonstration of strength – a message not only to Russia, but also to the Polish electorate in the run-up to autumn elections” – we read in the article.

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It was emphasized that the parade on the occasion of the Polish Army Day has been held every year for 16 years (except during the pandemic COVID-19), but “this year’s arms show put all previous parades to shame.” It was noted that it was the largest military parade in Poland since 1989.

“Poland wants to have the largest army in Europe,” writes Deutsche Welle.

K2 tanks at the parade on the occasion of the Polish Army DayPAP/Radek Pietruszka

The BBC publishes a video of the parade

The BBC published a recording of the Warsaw parade on its website. A fragment of the speech of the Minister of National Defense can be heard in the background Mariusz Blaszczakdelivered on the occasion of the Polish Army Day.

The British station also highlights the fact that it was the largest military parade in Warsaw since the Cold War.

“It commemorates the Polish victory over the Bolshevik army in 1920. Currently, Poland is providing strong military support to neighboring Ukraine in stopping a Russian invasion of the country,” writes the BBC.

The station quotes Minister Błaszczak, who said on Tuesday that Poland has built “powerful armed forces that will effectively defend our borders without hesitation.”

Oshkosh M-ATV armored cars at the Polish Army Day paradePAP/Radek Pietruszka

Reuters on “flexing military muscles”

Poland’s largest military parade since the Cold War took place in Warsaw on Tuesday, with the NATO member flexing its military muscles. As he adds, for the Polish government, the show of armed forces was a message to both Moscow and voters who will go to the polls on October 15.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine has made strengthening the army a priority for Poland’s governing nationalists from Law and Justice, and in the face of the ongoing election campaign, an impressive display of military equipment has given them a chance to improve their credibility in terms of security,” the agency estimates.

Reuters quotes a 56-year-old worker who came to Warsaw from the small town of Dębno to see the parade. “She gave a very good impression that we have something to defend ourselves with,” the man told the agency. “Personally, I feel safe,” he added.

Airplanes during the air paradeTVN24

CNN: Poland has become one of the leading military powers in Europe

CNN points out that Tuesday’s parade in Warsaw took place in the shadow of rising tensions on the border between NATO member Poland and Russia’s key ally Belarus.

M1A2 Abrams tanks for Poland. They serve in the US Army, triumphed in the wars in the desert. what are they? >>>

In recent years, after investing billions in new military equipment, Poland has become one of the leading military powers in Europe. He adds that the rapid modernization of the armed forces has become a priority, especially after the Russian one annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Warsaw’s diplomatic strength has also grown thanks to the role it played in supporting Ukraine after Moscow’s full-scale invasion.

According to CNN, the Warsaw parade is a message sent to Russia and Belarus that “they will surely understand.”

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