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Millers. High level of the Bug River. The water is coming up to the farms. Residents cut off

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The level of the Bug River in the vicinity of Wyszków (Masovian Voivodeship) remains high. The alarm level is exceeded by 70 centimeters. The town of Młynarze is cut off from the rest of the commune.

On Tuesday morning, the highest level of the Bug River was recorded near Wyszków. The measurement from 6 o’clock showed as much as 520 centimeters, i.e. 70 centimeters above the alarm level. Local flooding occurred. They mainly concern two towns: Młynarze and Słopsk.

Mayor: water is approaching farms

This second town is actually cut off from the rest of the commune. – An excavator is currently working to push the ice so that the water can flow down and clear the road – TVN24 reporter Paweł Łukasik, who was on site, reported on Tuesday.

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– The district road is flooded for approximately 800 meters. We can’t get through here by car. About 110 people live in the entire town. But there are also plenty of summer plots. They are mainly flooded – Krzysztof Jezierski, mayor of the Zabrodzie commune, told the reporter. He reassured that permanent residents had houses located in higher places. – This water is currently approaching the farms – admitted Jezierski.

Children had trouble getting to school. Firefighters came to help. – We provide children with a ride to school in a fire truck – assured the mayor.

You can’t even drive an off-road vehicle

Jezierski emphasized that the road will be fully cleared only when the water recedes. When? – The situation is difficult to predict. We know that the water is getting lower upstream. I hope that these declines will also come to us – he added.

Paweł Łukasik talked to a driver who tried to drive an off-road vehicle through a flooded road. The man admitted that he had to turn back. – Even the off-road vehicle couldn’t make it, he told the reporter.

The situation is monitored by firefighters using drones. The problem is the floe breaking off and creating blockages. They cause water to accumulate.

Main photo source: TVN24

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