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Million Heart March. “We all want things to be better and happier in this country”

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The Million Hearts March to Warsaw attracted people from all over Poland – from Pomerania to Podkarpacie. Why did they come and what did they want to manifest? They admitted to TVN24 reporters that they wanted changes, an end to the dispute with the European Union, the restoration of the rule of law, but also that they were marching for the youngest.

The Million Hearts March was a protest against the current government and an expression of hope for the electoral victory of the Civic Coalition. – When I see these hundreds of thousands of smiling faces, I feel good that this breakthrough moment is coming – said Donald Tusk, leader of the Civic Platform.

The march participants say one thing: that they would like the government to change in two weeks. – Under PiS rule, the whole of Poland is basically one big disaster – said one of the women. – We are absolutely against this government. We don’t want her to continue ruling, another participant emphasized.

In the final pre-election period, shots from Warsaw may help mobilize voters. – The most important thing for us is to encourage young people to vote, said one of the participants. – It doesn’t matter where we are from, when it comes to regions of the country, only together we can change something, and that is the truth – reminded another marcher.

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Support for the European Union

Paulina and Marcin are 26 years old – they arrived in Warsaw from Opole on Sunday. – We wake up in the morning, turn on the TV and suddenly something happens that is completely absurd to the rest of the world. We are already desensitized to such scandals, to the absurd situations that are happening in Poland, and we stop reacting to them – Paulina points out. They both explain that they came to show that such anesthesia cannot be afforded.

Other march participants also have a similar opinion. – Institutions that should supervise the law are being disarmed by those in power – said one of the men. – Let’s save this country from economic and political devastation – appealed another participant.

Tusk: I want to solemnly vow to end the Polish-Polish war the day after the elections ORGANIZER’S PHOTOS

Both Polish and EU flags were visible during the march. Ending disputes with Brussels, the marchers said, is one of the most important things to do. – For Poland to be part of this great European family again. So that Poland can regain its voice on the international arena – said one of the participants. – We all want change. We all want to be in the European Union. We all want things to be better and happier in this country, said another marcher. In turn, another woman admitted that she was “simply fed up”. – There has never been such a division of Polish society as at the moment – she said.

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In line with the slogan “Vote for us” – prepared by the Civic Coalition – many older participants pointed out that it was not even about good living conditions for them, but only for the youngest. – I have grandchildren, I have children and I do this for them – said one of the marching women. Another marcher also agreed with her. – So that I can have a safe and democratic Poland for my grandchildren – he said.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Obara

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