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Millionaires: Fiat money has love, faith, hope or greed in its name?

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The fiat money common today has in its name: love, faith, hope or greed? This question in “Millionaires” was answered by Mr. Radosław Siemionek from Poznań.

The participant of Thursday’s “Millioners” was an organist from the parish of st. Jana Jerozolimski Outside the Walls in Poznań. Mr. Radosław started his game in the previous episode. He then won five thousand zlotys using one lifebuoy – questions to the audience.

To win the jackpot, you need to correctly answer 12 questions. Mr. Radosław still has eight to reach the millionth threshold. The participant also had two lifebuoys – a friend’s phone and a half and a half.

The fiat money common today has in its name:

A: love B: faith C: hope D: greed

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By decision of state authorities, fiat money is legal tender in a given territory. Its functioning is based on trust, because such money is not covered in ore.

The name “fiat” comes from the Latin word fides, which means faith. So the correct answer to this question is “B”.

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