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Friday, December 3, 2021

Millionaires. Masters of Soroban, a Japanese relative of Abacus

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What are the masters of soroban, the Japanese relative of Abacus, the masters of: hurdles, hurdles, counting large numbers or counting on others? Agnieszka Czaja from Poznań answered this question in “Millionaires” for two thousand zlotys.

It was only the third question on Ms. Agnieszka’s path to winning one million zlotys. She had two lifebuoys at her disposal. The first of them – a question to the audience – was used in the first question.

What are the masters of soroban, a Japanese relative of Abacus, masters?

AND: in jumping hurdles
B: in hurdles
C: in counting large numbers
D: counting on others.

Soroban and Abacus are abacus. Calculations on soroban are made by moving the beads. Soroban masters are able to perform operations with large numbers faster than someone who is not skilled at using a calculator. Such a person will take more time to type the numbers than for the master to make a few moves. The correct answer is C..

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