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“Millionaires” – question and answer. How does the verse of the song “The peasant won’t let him live” end?

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“Horribly whining woman”, “you will crush a frog with your left hand”, “splinters from the roof ridge” or “scrambled eggs with your finger” – how does the verse “Tak it without a glove” end in the song “The peasant won’t let it live”? This question, worth PLN 75,000, was answered by Mr. Maciej Łabuś from Zabrze in the program “Millionaires”.

To win the main prize in “Millionaires”, you must answer 12 questions correctly. Each player has three lifebuoys at their disposal: ask the audience, half and half, and call a friend.

Mr. Maciej started the game in Tuesday’s episode of “Millionaires”. He managed to answer six questions correctly while using all of the available lifebuoys. On his way to the million, he encountered questions such as: about werewolf syndrome and about the referees of the final match of the football world cup. He also heard a question worth PLN 75,000 about Kazimierz Grześkowiak’s song.

In the song “The peasant won’t let the living pass”: “This is without a glove”:

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A: terribly exhausting grandmother”
B: with your left hand you will crush a frog”
C: splinters from the ridge”
D: stirs scrambled eggs with finger”

Mr. Maciej admitted that he did not know this song and was glad that this question did not appear earlier. Suggesting that the word glove appears in the verse, as well as the rhyme, he decided to mark answer C. Unfortunately, this turned out to be wrong and the participant ended his game with the guaranteed sum of PLN 40,000.

“They say in the area, strong guys are not weak”

“The peasant won’t let the living pass” is a song by Kazimierz Grześkowiak, a Polish writer and entertainer, member of the band Silna Grupa pod Wewaniem. He performed this song during the 17th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole in 1979. A fragment of the song’s text from the question reads “They say in the area, strong men are not weak, such a one without a glove will crush a frog with his left hand”. So the correct answer to the question is B.

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