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Millionaires. Tartan pattern. What pattern is this? Answering a question for PLN 20,000

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Write out and paint the pattern as if it were a tartan: plaid, meadow, houndstooth or polka dots? This question was answered for twenty thousand zlotys in the “Millionaires” program by Mrs. Magdalena Plakwicz from Warsaw.

The participant of Monday’s episode of “Millionaires” is a lawyer by profession. She was separated from PLN 1 million by a road leading through 12 questions, and she had three lifelines to help her: half and half, a phone call to a friend and a question to the audience.

During the program, she heard a question worth PLN 20,000, which was about tartan.

Write and paint the pattern as on a tartan:

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AND: grille
B: meadow
C: houndstooth
D: polka dots

Mrs. Magdalena associated the word tartan with the running surface. Therefore, she immediately rejected answers A, C and D. The participant admitted that she did not know what a link was, but decided to mark this answer.

Tartan kilts

Tartan is a material used as a running surface, but the word also means a fabric with a checkered pattern of stripes of various colors and widths. Traditionally, tartan is used to sew, among others: kilts, i.e. skirts that are the national costume of Scotland worn by men. Therefore the correct answer to this question is A.

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