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Millionaires. Tetrapods – i.e. tetrapods – do not include reptiles, amphibians, birds or insects?

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Tetrapods do not include reptiles, amphibians, birds or insects? This million-zloty question was heard by Mr. Mateusz Żaboklicki from Warsaw in “Millionaires”.

In Tuesday's episode of “Millionaires”, a million zloty question was asked. Mr. Mateusz, who deals with photography and writing poems, competed for the main prize. The Warsaw writer reached the million-dollar question with two available lifelines: a phone call to a friend and a change of question.

We do not include them as quadrupeds, i.e. tetrapods

A: Reptiles B: Amphibians C: Birds D: Insects

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The million-dollar question concerned tetrapods, a group of four-legged vertebrates, originally partially or completely terrestrial, that have two pairs of limbs. Currently, tetrapods include amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

The answer to the million-dollar question

Among animals such as reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects, only the latter have three pairs of legs. These insects are not tetrapods, but hexapods. Therefore the correct answer worth a million zlotys is D: “insects”.

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Winners of “Millionaires”

In the 24-year history of the Polish edition of “Millionaires”, only five people managed to win the main prize. They were: doctoral student Krzysztof Wójcik (2010), retired teacher Maria Romanek (2018), classical philologist Katarzyna Kant-Wysocka (2019), musicologist Jacek Iwaszko (2021) and accountant Tomasz Orzechowski (2022). The million-dollar questions have been asked a total of 30 times so far.

In the case of the last winner, Tomasz Orzechowski, the million dollar question was: Who in the mid-19th century composed the famous “The Virgin's Prayer”, a piece played in Europe and the United States, but most popular and still popular in Japan? The correct answer was Tekla Bądarzewska from Mława.

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