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“Millionaires”. The million-dollar question: in which strait are the islands called Yesterday and Tomorrow located?

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In which strait are there two islands called Yesterday and Tomorrow, which are separated by less than four kilometers but by as much as 21 hours of time difference: in the pressure of the Bosphorus, in the Strait of Magellan, in the Strait of Caleta or in the Bering Strait? Tomasz Boruch from Warsaw answered this million zloty question on Wednesday, April 3.

Tomasz Boruch, a veterinary graduate at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, who deals with clinical research on a daily basis, took part in Wednesday's episode of the “Millionaires” program. The participant had already started his game in the previous episode, in which he managed to answer 11 questions correctly and retained two lifelines – changing the question and asking the audience. In this way, he became the second “Millionaires” participant in less than a month to have the chance to win the main prize in the program. Mid March Mateusz Żaboklicki won one million zlotyspoet and photographer.

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Millionaires. In which strait are the islands called Yesterday and Tomorrow located?

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Only the last question separated him from the main win in the program. It concerned two embankments lying close to each other.

In what strait are two islands called yesterday and tomorrow, separated by less than four kilometers but with a time difference of as much as 21 hours?

AND: in the pressure of the Bosphorus
B: in the Strait of Magellan
C: in the Kaletańska Pressure
D: in the Bering Strait

At the beginning, Mr. Tomasz assumed that the strait that Hubert Urbański asked him about must be located in the Pacific Ocean. Due to lack of confidence, the participant decided to use one of the two remaining lifelines – a question to the audience.

Diomedes Islands

The Bering Strait, approximately 85 km wide, separates two continents – Asia and North America, and connects the Chukchi and Bering seas, i.e. the Arctic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. Roughly in the middle are the Diomedes Islands. Big Diomeda (Ratman Island) belongs to Russia, and Little Diomeda belongs to the United States. Between them there is not only a border, but also a date line. That's why one is sometimes called yesterday and the other tomorrow.

The islands mentioned in the million-zloty question are less than four kilometers away from each other, but due to their location on two sides of the international date line, they are separated by as much as 21 hours. Therefore, the correct answer is D.

New episodes of “Millionaires” can be watched from Monday to Thursday at 20:55 on TVN i Player.

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