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Millionaires: the shortest river of the following is: the longest river in Europe, Asia, South America or Africa?

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The longest river in Europe, Asia, South America or Africa – which of them is the shortest in relation to the others? This question was answered by Mr. Jacek Iwaszko from Warsaw.

A musicologist from Warsaw played in the Wednesday episode of “Millioners”. Mr. Jacek had three lifebuoys at his disposal – half and half, a phone call to a friend and a question to the audience.

On his way to the million there were, among others geography question.

The shortest river is the longest river:

A: Europe B: Asia C: South America D: Africa

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The longest river in Europe is the Volga, which measures 3,531 km. In Asia, the queen of rivers is the Yangtze – 6300 km. The longest river in South America is the Amazon, which, according to various calculations, is about seven thousand kilometers long. The Nile is the longest in Africa – 6,671 km.

The shortest of these is the Volga. So the correct answer to the above question is “A”.

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