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“Millionaires”. The truth about a town in Podkarpacie that has a textile device in its name. The question for 20 thousand

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What is true about the Podkarpackie city with a textile device in its name: is it famous for its glassworks, was the capital of Poland in the 10th century, or does it have a boat in its coat of arms? This question was answered by Mr. Tomasz Przerwa from Warsaw for PLN 20,000.

To win the grand prize in program “Millionaires” 12 questions must be answered correctly. During the game, the players have three lifebuoys at their disposal – half and half, a phone call to a friend and a question to the audience.

In the Thursday episode of the program, Mr. Tomasz, a doctor during his specialization training in psychiatry, tested his knowledge. On the road to a million, he replied, among others: to the question about the mouth legs of arachnids and self-collecting telephones. The participant managed to get to the question for PLN 20,000, and he had two lifebuoys to use.

What is the truth about a town in Podkarpacie with a textile device in its name?

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A: Famous for glassworks
B: in the 10th century it was the capital of Poland
C: has a million inhabitants
D: it has a boat in its coat of arms

Tomasz did not want to risk it, so he immediately decided to use the lifebuoy – half and half. After that, the future psychiatrist had no more doubts and immediately marked the answer “A”.

The answer marked by Mr Tomasz Przerwa was correct. The city in question is Krosno. In 1923, the first glassworks was established there, and in 2012 the city was given the official title of “City of Glass”.

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