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“Millionaires” TVN. A question about a plant is like a piece of music

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A plant like a piece of music: a rhizome ballad, horehound, a hit story or an annual hit? This question was answered in the “Millionaires” program by Mr. Piotr Jurczyk from Wrocław.

In Monday's episode of “Millionaires”, Mr. Piotr Jurczyk, a doctor from Wrocław, continued his game. In the previous episode, the competitor reached the threshold of PLN 1,000 and did not use any of the three available lifelines: half and half, a question to the audience and a phone call to a friend. This season of the program also featured a fourth wheel, which can be used only after the contestant answers seven questions correctly.

During the game for one million zlotys, Mr. Piotr faced questions such as: in the field of history, literature and knowledge about dogs. Then he heard a question worth PLN 75,000, which was as follows:

A plant like a piece of music:

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AND: rhizome ballad
B: horehound
C: brilliant talk
D: one-year hit

Mr. Piotr admitted that although all these names are charming, they mean nothing to him. The competitor decided to use the half and half wheel. Answers C and D were rejected. Although he was still not sure which of these answers was correct, Mr. Piotr chose B, i.e. the common horehound.

Marrubium vulgare

Horehound is a perennial herb, 30 to 80 cm high, with erect stems and branches in the upper part. The plant has a straight, white, woody root. Ancient herbalists recommended horehound for fever and malaria, as well as for snakebites and dog bites. Currently, horehound infusions are used, among others, in: as an expectorant in bronchial asthma and respiratory diseases. Therefore the correct answer to this question is B.

New episodes of “Millionaires” can be watched from Monday to Thursday at 20:55 on TVN i Player (all previous seasons of the program are available on the website).

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