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“Millionaires” TVN. At Tetmajer’s “Janosik Nędza Litmanowski” and…? Question and answer

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At Tetmajer’s “Janosik Nędza Litmanowski” and: “Jagnieska from Krupówki”, “Maryna from Hruby”, “Zocha from Murzasichla” or “Józka from Gubałówka”? This question was answered by Mrs. Maria Jaworska-Tarnawska from Jelenia Góra for PLN 75,000.

In Thursday’s episode of the “Millionaires” program, Mrs. Maria Jaworska-Tarnawska from Jelenia Góra tested her knowledge. The participant is currently on retired, and in the past she was involved in construction and property valuation. He has been distilling essential oils as a hobby for several years. When Hubert Urbański asked the question for PLN 75,000, Mrs. Maria had another lifeline at her disposal – a question for the audience. And the question she heard from the presenter was as follows:

At Tetmajer’s “Janosik Nędza Litmanowski” and…

AND: “Jagnieska from Krupówki”
B: “Maryna from Hruby”
C: “Zocha from Murzasichla”
D: “Józka from Gubałówka”

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The participant immediately admitted that she did not know which answer was correct, so she used her last lifeline – a question to the audience. The majority of the audience in the studio chose the answer B, which Mrs. Maria finally decided to mark. Was it correct?

“Legend of the Tatra Mountains”

“Janosik Nędza Litmanowski” is the second volume of the series of novels “The Legend of the Tatras” by Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer. The first volume of the series is titled “Maryna from Hruby”. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is B.

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