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“Millionaires” TVN. Cypriot metal. What was mined in Cyprus in ancient times? Answering a question for PLN 40,000

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In ancient times, it was mined in Cyprus and called Cypriot metal: mercury, copper, platinum or tin? This question was answered for PLN 40,000 by Mr. Jakub Kasperkiewicz from Wrocław.

Monday’s episode of “Millionaires” is the first of a special edition in which you can win PLN 2 million. It consists of eight qualifying episodes. In each of them, participants play for one million zlotys. Those who answer at least seven questions (threshold of PLN 40,000) will meet in the grand final, where they will once again take part in the elimination round. Its winner will sit opposite Hubert Urbański, where he will play for a stake twice as high as usual. The final will be available to watch on Friday, October 20, at 20:00.

In today’s episode of the million, Mr. Jakub Kasperkiewicz from Wrocław, who is a lawyer and musician, started the game. To win the main prize, the participant would have to answer 12 questions correctly, and he has three lifelines to help him: a phone call to a friend, half and half and a question to the audience.

Mr. Jakub managed to answer questions about movies, football and the Republic of China. The seventh question, worth 40,000, tested knowledge about metals.

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In ancient times, it was mined in Cyprus and called Cypriot metal:

AND: mercury
B: copper
C: platinum
D: tin

Mr. Jakub admitted that he did not recognize the term Cypriot metal. So he decided to use the first lifeline – a phone call to a friend. Waiting for him on the other end of the phone was Mr. Norbert, who suggested answer D, although he wasn’t sure about it himself. Therefore, the competitor decided to use another wheel, this time half and half. As a result of this decision, answers A and D were rejected. Still not sure, the participant decided to use the last circle, i.e. the audience’s help. Among the audience, as many as 63% of people chose answer B as correct, and this is what Mr. Jakub marked.

Cyprum aes, i.e. Cypriot metal

The Latin name of this element comes from Cyprus, where it was mined in ancient times. Initially it was called Cypriot metal, now we know it as copper. Therefore correct answer The answer to this question in the “Millionaires” program is B.

Due to the fact that Mr. Jakub correctly answered seven questions, he received a ticket from Hubert Urbański. It entitles him to take part in the grand finale, in which the main prize will be PLN 2 million.

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