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Millionaires TVN: in Częstochowa there is a district: The First Million, The Last Penny, Every Zloty or Every Second Thousand?

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What is the name of the district of Częstochowa: The First Million, The Last Penny, Every Zloty or Every Second Thousand? Mr. Łukasz Dylewicz from Poznań answered this question for a guaranteed PLN 40,000 in “Millionaires”.

Mr. Łukasz is responsible for calculating salaries on a daily basis. In “Millionaires” he will also deal with this to some extent. The amount of money with which he will leave the program depends on his correct answers. In order for Hubert Urbański to hand over a check worth one million zlotys, the player must answer 12 questions correctly. Each player has three lifelines at their disposal: a question to the audience, a call to a friend and half and half.

The participant started his adventure in “Millionaires” already last week. Then he answered questions about, among others: movies, biology or history. Mr. Łukasz then used two lifelines – a question to the audience and half and half.

Mr. Łukasz entered Monday’s episode of “Millionaires” with one thing in mind – a phone call to a friend, which he used to ask for PLN 20,000 who was the so-called state parliament until May 3, 1791. When asking for a guaranteed PLN 40,000, he could only count on himself.

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There is a district in Częstochowa:

AND: The First Million
B: The Last Penny
C: Every Zloty
D: Every Second Thousand

Mr. Łukasz admitted that he had been to Częstochowa a very long time ago, so he approached this question by process of elimination. He initially ruled out the answer AND: First Million, then D: Every Second Thousand. He was mostly thinking about the answer B and C.

Even though he wasn’t sure about the answer, he decided to take the risk. He asked Hubert Urbański to mark the final answer B: The Last Penny. It was the right decision. The participant answered correctly, thanks to which he won a guaranteed PLN 40,000 and moved on to the next game.

The Last Penny

According to the Virtual Encyclopedia of Częstochowa, the name comes from an old inn where merchants were supposed to leave their last penny.

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