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“Millionaires” TVN. What is a menzura? A question worth PLN 125,000

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Menzura is a traditional ritual: collective tuning of strings, filling measuring cylinders with the use of broadswords or using broadswords from cylinders? This question was answered by Mrs. Dominika Szulik from Warsaw for PLN 125,000.

In Thursday's episode of the “Millionaires” program, Mrs. Dominika Szulik, a lawyer from Warsaw, tested her knowledge. The participant started her adventure in the program in the previous episode, then she managed to answer three questions and keep all the lifelines.

However, when the question worth PLN 125,000 was read, Mrs. Dominika had no lifelines left. The question was about a traditional ritual.

Menzura is a traditional ritual:

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AND: collective tuning of strings
B: filling measuring cylinders
C: using broadswords
D: eating out of cylinders

After hearing the question, the participant associated the word “measurement” with the common name of graduated cylinders used to measure amounts of liquid, but this was not a good clue. After a moment of reflection, Mrs. Dominika decided not to take any risks, so she gave up playing.

Menzura – what is it?

Menzura is a traditional ritual that originates from a duel. It uses only sharp melee weapons, such as a broadsword. Therefore, the correct answer is C.

New episodes of “Millionaires” can be watched from Monday to Thursday at 20:55 on TVN i in Player (all previous seasons of the program are available on the website).

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