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“Millionaires” TVN. What is Caramel? The answer to a question worth half a million zlotys

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Carmel is the highest: the peak of the Atlas Mountains, the massif on the Mediterranean Sea, the peak of the Carmel massif or the massif on the Red Sea? This question worth PLN 500,000 was heard by Mr. Filip Kuśmierczyk from Krakow in the “Millionaires” TVN program.

Mr. Filip is a scientist, deals with the functionalization of implant coatings and is pursuing a PhD in materials engineering. He started his game in the TVN program “Millionaires” in the previous episode, in which he correctly answered four questions, using one lifebuoy – half and half. This season of the program also featured a fourth wheel, which can be used only after the contestant answers seven questions correctly.

The participant faced questions including: in the field of sports, astronomy and biology. He managed to get to the penultimate question, which is worth half a million zlotys.

Caramel is the highest:

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AND: Atlas peak
B: massif on the Mediterranean Sea
C: the top of the Carmel massif
D: massif on the Red Sea

The athlete admitted that he was afraid of being asked about geography because it is his Achilles heel. Mr. Filip tried to analyze the answers and based on them deduce which one was correct. However, he told Hubert Urbański that unfortunately he did not know the correct answer. The host encouraged him to continue playing by writing a check for half a million zlotys, but the player eventually gave up and ended his participation in the program with the amount of PLN 250,000. zlotys.

Carmel mountain peak

The Carmel mountain range stretches from the city of Haifa to the city of Jenin in northern Israel. The Carmel mountain peak is 546 meters above sea level and is located on a promontory overlooking the Bay of Haifa. It is the highest peak of the Carmel mountain range. Therefore the correct answer to this question is C.

New episodes of “Millionaires” can be watched from Monday to Thursday at 20:55 on TVN i Player (all previous seasons of the program are available on the website).

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