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“Millionaires” TVN. Where were masses of doctors educated in the “Manual of the Barefoot Doctor” treating? Question and answer

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In Russia, in China, in Greece or in France – where they treated multitudes of doctors educated on only one book, “The Barefoot Doctor’s Manual”? This question was answered by Tomasz Wojsa from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

Mr. Tomasz is professionally involved in building power plants. He has worked on many continents, building gas power plants, but his portfolio also includes one coal-fired and a nuclear one. He studied at several universities in Poland and abroad, completing not only technical studies, but also, among others, Slavic studies.

He was 12 questions away from the main prize of PLN 1 million. He dealt with the first six using one lifeline – a question to the audience. Giving another correct answer guaranteed him a prize of PLN 40,000.

Where they treated multitudes of doctors educated on one book, “The Barefoot Doctor’s Manual”:

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A: v Russia
B: in China C: in Greece
D: in France

Mr. Tomasz did not know the correct answer. After thinking for a while, he reached for the second lifebuoy – half and half. After rejecting two possibilities, the final one choice it had to be between the answers B and D. The competitor chose B and it was a good decision.

Barefoot doctors

In the mid-20th century China there was a shortage of doctors, especially in rural areas, and many people could not afford basic medical care. On Mao Zedong’s orders, farmers began to be trained to act as medics in their communities. To improve education, a book was prepared to provide candidates with the necessary information.

Recruited medics dealt not only with the treatment of common diseases, but were also trained to deliver babies and educate local communities in the field of hygiene and public health. They were called “barefoot doctors” because most of them worked in the fields without shoes. Quacks did not only deal with medicine. They combined their duties with farm work.

Rural medics are still present in China today. It is estimated that in 2013 there were about one million of them.

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