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“Millionaires” TVN. Who was Alfred Nobel’s father, Immanuel? Answering a question for PLN 40,000

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Who was Alfred Nobel’s father, Immanuel: a goat herder, a pilot and navigator, a stevedore or an inventor and entrepreneur? This question was answered by Mr. Mikołaj Mielczarek from Krakow for PLN 40,000.

Wednesday’s “Millionaires” featured the third installment of the qualifying round for the special edition of the program, in which participants will fight for PLN 2 million. Let us remind you that only those who answer at least seven questions (threshold of PLN 40,000) will enter the final episode. They will meet in the grand final, where they will once again take part in the elimination round. Its winner will sit opposite Hubert Urbański to play for a stake twice as high as usual. The final is on Friday, October 20 at 20.

Mr. Mikołaj Mielczarek had already started his game in the previous episode, but he had not had time to hear any questions yet. The participant is an engineer, scientist and new father. On his way to a million, he heard the following question.

Who was Alfred Nobel’s father, Immanuel?

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AND: goat herder
B: pilot and navigator
C: stelmach
D: inventor and entrepreneur

Mr. Mikołaj decided that answer D would be too obvious, but the other options meant nothing to him. He decided to use the last available lifeline, i.e. a phone call to a friend. He connected with Mr. Dominik, who said that he would choose the answer D, but he was not sure. The competitor, following his friend’s suggestion, marked the answer D.

Immanuel Nobel

Alfred Bernhard Nobel, a Swedish chemist, engineer and industrialist, is known for the invention of dynamite. His last wish was to establish an award for outstanding contributions to humanity, now known as the Nobel Prize. Alfred’s father was Immanuel Nobel, a Swedish inventor, engineer and entrepreneur. Therefore the correct answer is D.

Due to the fact that Mr. Mikołaj correctly answered seven questions, he received a ticket from Hubert Urbański. It entitles you to take part in the grand finale, in which the main prize will be PLN 2 million.

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