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Millionaires – what are the castings for the special edition of the program, in which you can win two million zlotys

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In the autumn edition of “Millionaires” you will be able to win two million zlotys. Casting for the program lasts until July 15. They look the same as the standard editions. What stages do they consist of?

The special edition of “Millionaires” will consist of nine episodes. Eight of them follow a standard scenario: participants play for a million zlotys. Those who manage to sit in the chair opposite Hubert Urbański and answer at least seven questions will meet in the ninth – final episode. They will compete again in the KPTL competition (first come, first served). The fastest person to answer correctly will have a chance to play for two million and keep a part of the previous winnings. All amounts in the final episode will be doubled. The participant will also decide for himself where to place the second, so-called. guaranteed threshold. “We haven’t had this before,” says Hubert Urbański.

How to apply for “Millionaires”?

To submit an application, you must complete form (tvn.pl/castingi): see clause and regulations casting, provide your details, occupation, hobbies, add a “concise, colorful description of yourself” and answer a few questions – why will you win two million, what would you spend the money from the jackpot on, do you like taking risks. A portrait photo must be attached to the form.

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Persons who send a properly completed application and meet the rules of the regulations (among others, are over 18 years old, have never cooperated with the organizer, producer or companies related to the game show) are invited to the casting. This is an online meeting with a two-person committee. The meeting lasts about 15-20 minutes, during which the participant answers open questions from various fields. Thanks to this formula, the candidate has the opportunity to check how he looks in front of the camera, how he copes with stage fright and stress, where his strengths and weaknesses are. The person who successfully passes the interview is finally advised to refresh their knowledge from high school and practice their reflexes, because it largely depends on him whether he will sit opposite Hubert Urbański.

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The second stage is recording in the studio. The participant is invited to them within several days of the online meeting. He sits down in one of the six armchairs. If he correctly answers the initial question (KPTL) the fastest, he starts the game for a million zlotys. The remaining five people have a chance to enter the game in the same episode, but it depends on the success of the contestant who left first. In contrast to the regular stages, in the elimination special stages, one of the six seats in a KPTL game can only be seated once. Participation in qualifying rounds in special stages, however, does not preclude participation in qualifying rounds in regular stages. Here, in regular episodes, you can try your luck further – you can participate in the elimination stage in the studio until you succeed. But you only have a chance to play for a million once – even if you are eliminated on the first question for PLN 500.

When are the special episodes of “Millionaires”?

“Millionaires” was first broadcast on TVN in 1999. So far, a million has been won in Poland five times. In episodes broadcast since 2017, participants won a total of over PLN 42 million. Episodes will be shown on TV in October.

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