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Millionaires: What distinguishes betel chewing lovers?

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Betel chewing lovers are distinguished by a bright green tongue, green fingers, darkened teeth or white teeth? Mr. Szymon Batura from Poznań faced this question on the way to the million.

Mr. Szymon Batura started the Monday episode of “Millionaires” with a question for 20,000 zlotys. He still had all three lifebuoys at his disposal.

One of the questions he heard was about betel.

What distinguishes betel chewing lovers?

A: bright green tongue B: green fingers C: darkened teeth D: whiteness of the teeth

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Chewing betel nut

Bethel is one of the most popular stimulants in the world, along with caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. It is estimated that every tenth inhabitant of our planet chews it, mainly in the Far East and South Asia.

The composition of betel is mainly pepper leaves and areka palm seeds. Chewing stains teeth black and saliva red. So the correct answer is “C”.

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