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“Millionaires”. What is most often ice cream?

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Of the following, ice cream is the most common: motorcycle and pepper, carriage and flour, paraglider and curry or yacht and sugar? This question from “Millionaires” for a guaranteed thousand zlotys was answered by Mrs. Honorata Kopycka from Warsaw.

Ms. Honorata graduated from several fields of study, mostly focused on management. He is a civil servant by profession. In Monday’s “Millionaires” she played for the main prize, from which she was separated by 12 questions.

She dealt with the first one without any problems, and the correct answer to the next ones guaranteed her a prize of PLN 1,000

Of the following, ice cream is the most common:

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A: motorcycle and pepper B: carriage and flour C: paraglider and curry D: yacht and sugar

The competitor had all the lifebuoys at her disposal, but she did not decide to use them yet. After some thought, she admitted that the only thing that came to mind was answer D. It was the correct answer.

Yacht and sugar

Ice sailing is a winter sport in which yachts propelled by a sail travel on ice on skids. Yachts are called ice slides or iceboats – although this name can also be heard in relation to the name of the discipline. Iceboat regattas take place on frozen water reservoirs.

Ice sugar is called candied sugar, or candy. It is a sugar with large crystals, which is obtained as a result of special crystallization. Crystals of this size resemble rough gemstones or ice nuggets. Sugar dissolves slowly, and in addition to its taste, it sometimes also has decorative functions.

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