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Millionaires. What is the Great Arch of Brotherhood?

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The Great Arch of Brotherhood, which is located in the La Defense district of Paris, houses: nothing, land from the battlefields, the remains of Napoleon I or the offices of the Ministry of Ecology? This question was answered by Mr. Konrad Jurgiewicz from Wrocław.

Mr. Konrad started his game in “Millionaires” already on Wednesday. He then answered seven questions correctly, using only one lifebuoy – half and half.

In the Thursday episode, the Wrocław citizen was asked, among other things, about the Great Arch of Brotherhood.

What is the Great Arch of Brotherhood in the Parisian district of La Defense, known as the 20th-century version of the Arc de Triomphe?

A: nothing B: soil from battlefields C: Napoleon’s remains I D: offices of the Ministry of Ecology.

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The 110-meter-high monument-building, called the younger brother of the Arc de Triomphe, has the shape of an “open cube”. Its south wing houses the offices of the French Ministry of Ecology.

So the correct answer to the above question is “D”.

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