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Millionaires: what is true about the Bug, which is a tributary of the Narew?

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In “Millionaires”, Mr. Michał Tadeusz Koziej from Warsaw answered the question about the Bug river. The participant was to indicate which sentence is true – whether the Bug is longer than the Narew River, shorter than the Narew River, whether it has its source in Poland or flows into the Vistula River.

The participant of Monday’s “Millionaires” was a pharmaceutical technician from Warsaw. Mr. Michał Tadeusz Koziej is a certified film expert, he also completed postgraduate studies in marketing.

He came to the question for PLN 125,000 with two lifebuoys – a phone call to a friend and a half and a half.

What is the truth about the Bug, which is a tributary of the Narew?

A: it is longer than the Narew river B: it is shorter than the Narew river C: it has its source in Poland D: it flows into the Vistula

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The task of the participant was to show the true opinion about the Bug. The fourth longest river in Poland has its source in Verkhobuzh (Ukraine), which makes answer “C” incorrect. Option “D” is also absent, because the Bug does not flow into the Vistula, but into the Narew – which was emphasized in the question.

Therefore, only comparisons with the Narew River could be taken into account. Narew is 499 km long, and its tributary to the Bug – 772 km. The correct answer is “A”.

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