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Millionaires: When Did the Second Millennium Begin? Question and answer for a million zlotys

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When did the second millennium begin? January 1, 1000, January 1, 1001, January 1, 2000, or January 1, 2001? This was the question for a million zlotys in “Millionaires” heard by Mr. Jacek Iwaszko from Warsaw.

Mr. Jacek responded quickly and confidently throughout the game. The Wednesday episode ended with a result of PLN 75,000. The game continued in the Thursday episode.


The participant answered the first ten questions without using a lifebuoy. All three were only used when asking for half a million zlotys. Mr. Jacek was to indicate what the unit of measure for reactivity of a nuclear reactor is. With the help of the audience and his mum waiting on the phone for a friend, the player correctly answered that it was a dollar.

Then Mr. Jacek heard the question for a million zlotys.

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When did the second millennium begin?

A: January 1, 1000 B: January 1, 1001 C: January 1, 2000 D: January 1, 2001.

The Second Millennium – When Did It Begin?

The second millennium AD began on January 1, 1001, and ended on December 31, 2000. On January 1, 2001, the third millennium began. The correct answer to this question is B.

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