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Millions for entities associated with Mariusz Chłopik. His wife’s company is on the payroll. Onet’s findings

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In the last three years, the foundation established by Mariusz Chłopik received PLN 2.5 million in state subsidies, Onet reported. It is also described how his wife’s company made money on cooperation with state entities. The publication mentions that Chłopik tried to “dissuade” journalists from being interested in his wife’s activities and “offered help in checking various matters”.

Onet reported on Monday that Shine Art Studio – the company of Elżbieta Chłopik, the wife of the Prime Minister’s informal adviser, earned money on orders from state entities Mateusz Morawieckiby Mariusz Chłopik. Her business partner is her sister Anna. Both are the daughters of Konstanty Radziwiłł, former Minister of Health in the PiS government.

According to the portal, the company was established in 2017 and, in addition to graphic orders, “also provides services in the field of creating ‘comprehensive communication strategies’ for ‘leading Polish brands and institutions, as well as advertising agencies’ and public relations”.

Hundreds of thousands for Chłopik’s wife’s company

It was mentioned that Shine Art Studio is involved in cooperation with the Chancellery of the President and Energa. For questions about cooperation, the law firm Andrzej Duda she didn’t answer. PKN Orlen (the majority shareholder of Energa) informed journalists that it did not provide information on cooperation with contractors, while the director of Energa’s press office – “due to the provisions contained in the contract” – did not want to specify the amount of the contract with Shine Art Studio .

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Onet reported that it also had evidence of the agency’s cooperation with the now defunct Ministry of Science and Education. “According to our findings, only in 2018-2019 the company performed work for the ministry several times, thus earning over PLN 330,000.” – given.

Questions on this matter were also directed to the Ministry of Education and Science, which took over the competences of the former ministry. In response, the MEiN first informed about one order from July 2019 (for the amount of PLN 117,157.50), and later it was clarified that another order from February 2018 was issued for the amount of PLN 119,932.38.

According to Onet, the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority was also to establish cooperation with Shine Art Studio. The agency was supposed to make $112,000 from it. Jacek Barszczewski, director of the social communication department of the UKNF, told the portal that the first implementation took place in 2017, and the last one in 2018.

Among other clients of the Onet agency, he mentioned Polski Holding Hotelowy, the National Film Institute and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Cooperation with them – as Onet writes – was to bring Shine Art Studio another PLN 150,000.

Mariusz Chłopik’s wife, in response to questions about the company’s activities, wrote that it is “a small entity with modest revenues compared to market competition”. At the same time, she assured that “all concluded contracts are the result of obtaining a contract through participation in a tender, competition procedure or subcontracting”.

“In the past, we were responsible for ongoing graphic support for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for 2.5 years. We also prepared 5 editions of albums for the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland. At present, we do not work for any ministry, public office or other institutions, including the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, and people working in our company do not engage in any political activity.

Nearly PLN 2.5 million for the Chłopika Foundation. “He envied Adam Hofman”

The author of the text, Jacek Harłukowicz, also asked the private Youth Initiative Foundation, which – as stated – “uses huge state subsidies” about cooperation with Shine Art Studio. It was noted that one of its undertakings is the “Academy of Leaders of the Republic”, whose speakers include Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, President of the National Bank of Poland Adam Glapiński, as well as heads of state-owned companies.

“Shine Art Studio was responsible for the typesetting and editing of the FIM Student Magazine “Koncept”, for the publication of which – only in the years 2019-2022 – the foundation received a PLN 390,000 subsidy from the National Institute of Freedom (NIW), supervised by the Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński” – described Onet.

It was concluded that since 2019, “nearly PLN 2.5 million” has been transferred from the National Institute of Freedom to the Foundation for Youth Initiatives. “She can count on another one this year: her next applications for financing have already passed the formal assessment” – announced Onet.

It was also explained that Mariusz Chłopik is one of the founders of the Youth Initiatives Foundation, he also served as a member of the board (2012-2013) and president (2013-2016).

Mariusz Chłopik at the inauguration of the Council of the National Institute of Freedom – Center for Civil Society DevelopmentPhoto from February 21, 2018Sławomir Kamiński / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

“Mariusz envied Adam Hofman, who perfectly cashed his deals in PiS and decided to follow his path. Today, he is the link between his group and the prime minister’s environment,” one of his former friends told Onet.

“He tried to dissuade us from being interested in his wife’s activities”

Onet also described that Chłopik, while describing the case, “tried to dissuade us from being interested in his wife’s activities.” At the same time, he reserved that he did not agree to quote his statements, claiming that his wife’s company was “almost broke”.

“Then – in exchange for abandoning the topic of his wife’s company – the adviser to the head of government offered us ‘help in checking various matters’. Although, as he emphasized at the same time, he is not currently the prime minister’s front-line man,” the portal wrote.

The boy and the e-mail scandal

Mariusz Chłopik appeared in many e-mails that were supposed to come from the mailbox of the former head of the prime minister’s office Michał Dworczyk. They concerned, among other things government television instructionas well as writing to the Prime Minister and Dworczyk regarding the search for people “from the world of celebrities who will criticize LGBT”. Chłopik also appeared in the e-mails that the prime minister was supposed to exchange with officials from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister to discuss the plan for a “sharp media action” to counteract the government’s accusations of difficult situation in nursing homes.

In early February 2022 Chłopik resigned from the position of the representative of the management board of Legia Warszawa. “With reference to numerous publications in the media and social media channels, I would like to declare that I do not agree to the manipulation of scraps of content that appear on a website associated with the organizers of disinformation activities aimed at Poland,” he wrote at the time.

At the end of the year, his name also appeared in the context of reports about a PLN 30 million bonus that the Prime Minister would allocate to the players of the Polish national team for advancing to the 1/8 finals of the Qatari World Cup. According to Onet, Chłopik was the author of the idea to reward the players in this way. Mateusz Morawiecki, although he claimed that “some kind of bonus is due to our players”, he ended up saying that “there will be no government funds for bonuses for footballers“.

Main photo source: Sławomir Kamiński / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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