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Millions for the foundation associated with Paweł Kukiz. Barbara Nowacka and Joanna Mucha comment

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Barbara Nowacka from the Civic Coalition, referring to “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 to the money allocated to the foundation related to Paweł Kukiz, said that such actions show that “amazement and dissatisfaction are growing in the ranks of PiS” because “they get very little” . Joanna Mucha from Poland 2050 stated that “each subsequent vote to the parliamentary majority is more and more expensive”. “He just got paid to vote,” she added.

Wirtualna Polska reported that Foundation “You can Poland!” associated with Paweł Kukiz, thanks to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, she received PLN 4.3 million from the budget reserve. Kukiz is a member of the board of this foundation. The money granted is to be used for the implementation of the Direct Democracy Institute project and for carrying out a “civic campaign of social education for the enforcement of Article 4 of the Constitution”.

The head of government issued an order in this matter 10 days after Kukiz complained in the media that he had no money for political activity. The Government Information Center answered questions about the subsidy asked by a TVN24 reporter. CIR wrote back that “the offer met the formal requirements set out in the provisions of the act” and “the reasons for increasing the awareness and knowledge of citizens in the field of direct democracy spoke in favor of commissioning this task”.

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Nowacka: Amazement and dissatisfaction are growing in the ranks of PiS

They discussed this issue in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 Barbara Nowacka from the Civic Coalition and Joanna Mucha from Poland 2050.

To the words of the leader that the foundation associated with Kukiz received PLN 4.3 million, Nowacka replied: – An exceptional price for such a miserable character as he is Pawel Kukiz.

– Such actions also show that in the ranks PIS astonishment and dissatisfaction grow. For behold, they faithful, (…), voted every time. as Kaczyński wants, and they get very little – she added.

Nowacka: Amazement and dissatisfaction are growing in the ranks of PiSTVN24

Mucha: Kukiz just got paid to vote

Commenting on the case, Joanna Mucha said that “each subsequent vote to the parliamentary majority is more and more expensive”. – We learned about it two months after this pseudo-procedure took place, which indicates that PiS wanted to hide it – she added.

– PiS does not rhyme with direct democracy, with referenda, with social consultations and with all forms of this participatory way of exercising power, they do not rhyme with it at all. Therefore, it is just one big fake, because Kukiz will not introduce this participatory way of practicing democracy – continued Mucha.

– He just got money for voting – said the Polish 2050 MP.

Kukiz: this is a project I’ve been talking about with the prime minister for a year

The leader of Kukiz’15 was asked on Wednesday in the Third Program of Polish Radio about the money allocated to the foundation’s initiative. – This is a project that I have been talking about with the Prime Minister for at least a year, about the need to educate Polish society in the field of (…) democratic institutions – he argued. Kukiz said that “this is a project that the foundation manages.” – The Foundation does not raise a single penny, any 10 percent and so on for running this project – he added.

Paweł Kukiz in radio Trójka about funding for his foundation thanks to Prime Minister Morawiecki

Paweł Kukiz in radio Trójka about funding for his foundation thanks to Prime Minister MorawieckiThird Program of Polish Radio

Nowacka: This is Ziobro’s attempt to build her own Radio Maryja

The MPs also commented on the subsidies that public money goes to foundations associated with people from the government camp.

They talked about the “Profeto” foundation, headed by a priest, a personal friend of the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro. The priest gained fame as an exorcist who drove out demons by scaring them with… brawn. He included such an account in his autobiographical book entitled “Being Like Job”. In it, he described how he exorcised a vegetarian activist Amnesty International and Greenpeace. Three years ago, the foundation received a subsidy of PLN 43 million from the Justice Fund, which is supervised by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Marcin Romanowski. She was behind ten competing organizations, although she herself had no experience in helping victims of crime. According to the winning project, the money will be used to construct a building with an area of ​​4.5 thousand square meters, where victims of crime, mainly domestic violence, will find a peaceful haven. However, as revealed by the journalists of the oko.press website, the foundation also plans to build an auditorium, five recording studios, three control rooms and two open-space offices as part of its investment.

The prosecutor’s office enters Wilanów. “We believe that the opening of an investigation is intended to have a chilling effect.”

– I had the pleasure of controlling the Justice Fund with MP Gasiuk-Pihowicz. We watched the documents of the Profeto foundation for quite a long time. This is Ziobro’s attempt to build his own Radio Maryja. After all, this foundation is supposed to have exactly these functions – they are supposed to have recording studios, release films, here on YouTube, here on the media – Nowacka enumerated. As she added, “the money that was supposed to go to the victims of crime, to people recovering from crime, i.e. to social rehabilitation, goes to the guy who banishes evil spirits from a vegetarian with brawn.” “It’s an aberration,” she said.

Fly: This is really the tip of the iceberg

Joanna Mucha also spoke. – We must be aware that this is really the tip of the iceberg, that each of these institutions, which is connected to various government agents, organized such competitions and distributed money for this type of activity. – We will find out about it only when we win the elections, when we open the cabinets. Today we really know a fraction, many things are not given to us – said the Polish 2050 MP.

Main photo source: TVN24

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