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Minimum wage 2022 gross. The government will deal with the project

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The final minimum wage in 2022 is still unknown. The government will deal with a draft regulation on this matter on Tuesday. It assumes that the minimum wage will increase by PLN 200 to PLN 3,000 gross next year. The regulations will also set a minimum hourly wage.

Currently, the minimum wage for work is PLN 2,800 gross, PLN 200 more than last year. The minimum hourly rate for specific civil law contracts is PLN 18.30 gross.

The government in mid-June this year. accepted the proposal to next year minimum wage for work it increased again by PLN 200, so it would amount to PLN 3,000 gross. In turn, the minimum hourly rate would be higher than the current one by PLN 1.30 and would amount to PLN 19.60. Pursuant to the regulations, such a proposal was presented to the Social Dialogue Council, but the social side did not manage to work out a common position on this matter.


Minimum wage 2021

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Therefore, the final decision rests with the government, which will set the minimum wage in 2022 through a regulation of the Council of Ministers. It must be published in the Journal of Laws by September 15th. The draft regulation of the Council of Ministers was published at the end of July and is in line with what the government proposed in June.

The draft regulation in this matter was prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. The minimum remuneration for work in 2022 is to be PLN 3,000, which means an increase compared to the amount applicable in the current year by 7.1%. and the relation to the forecasted average wage in the national economy at 51.4 percent. It was added that with the minimum remuneration for work at the level of 3 thousand. PLN, the minimum hourly rate next year should be PLN 19.60.

The Presidium of the National Committee of NSZZ “Solidarność” is demanding a bigger increase. In the opinion of the government project postulated that the minimum wage should increase to PLN 3,100, which – as indicated – would affect the level of income of a large group of employees, as according to the statistics of the total number of employees in the national economy, 13% receives a minimum wage for work.

The minimum wage is at least 10.71 percent higher. also demands the National Alliance of Trade Unions and the Trade Union Forum.

In accordance with the regulations, the minimum wage and the minimum hourly wage determined by the Council of Ministers for 2022 may not be lower than the amount proposed to the Social Dialogue Council for negotiations.

The government estimates that the cost of a minimum wage increase in 2022 for small and medium-sized enterprises is approximately PLN 5.24 billion per year, and PLN 789 million for large companies. The increase in the minimum wage and the hourly wage is to affect about 2.2 million people.

Minimum wage – what is it

The minimum wage is the lowest possible amount of remuneration for work permitted by law. It is set by the state as a rate for the performance of obligations towards the employer under an employment contract, for a specified period of time.

The obligation to provide an employee employed under an employment relationship with a payment in the amount not lower than the specified amount results directly from the Act on the minimum wage and is in no way dependent on the competences of the employee or the employer’s possibilities.

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