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Minister Anna Moscow: we shop at a local store where prices have not changed. Senator’s intervention and a question about the shop

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Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moscow said she was shopping “in a local store where prices have not changed”. However, she did not reveal where such a facility can be found. On this issue, Krzysztof Brejza asked the senator’s intervention and asked the minister to “indicate the address of a specific facility”.

Minister on Monday Anna Moscow, in the “Guest of Events” program, she answered the question “how to live”? – Observing the consumption of energy and gas, because it is easier for me to refer to it, last year we saw a reduction in consumption. This year we are seeing a return to consumption of both energy and gas, both in households and in industry, comparable to last year. I assume that these are temporary processes that we do not observe in the energy sector. In the energy sector, we see a return to old habits, and it is always the case that the energy sector heralds what is happening in detail. So I assume that we will return to normal habits – said the head of the climate ministry.

Minister Anna Moscow about shopping in a local store

Asked about their daily purchases, Moscow said: “We shop off-line at a local store where these prices have not changed, for which we are grateful to the local supplier.

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The host asked: – This is a special place. Please tell me where is it? Prices have gone up 30-40 percent everywhere, I’m talking about food.

– We also stock up like every household. Nevertheless, I think we all see that significant support in energy prices and gas allows us to allocate funds for consumer spending, because these prices have been frozen – was the answer of the Minister of Climate.

Intervention by an MP and a question about a shop where prices have not changed

Krzysztof Brejza’s senatorial office provided the content of the intervention, which was to be addressed to the Minister of Climate and Environment.

We can read in it that “according to the Retail Price Index report by UCE Research, prices increased by an average of 20.8 percent year on year (2023)”, “dairy prices increased by over 30 percent, bread by 29.8 percent. and “according to the website Wiadomoscihandlowe.pl, from the analysis of price offers, almost 41,000 stores in October 2022, everyday purchases were more expensive on average by over 26 percent. Every year”.

After which it was added that “in connection with the Minister’s statement, many appalled citizens, who suffer from the high prices of everyday shopping, call for the address of a mysterious retail outlet where >>prices have not changed<<".

“Therefore, guided by the voice of voters, in the mode of senatorial intervention, asking for the case to be heard within the statutory period, I will be grateful to the Minister for indicating the address of a specific retail outlet, the aforementioned local store, where prices allegedly did not change” – it was written in the intervention.


Inflation in Poland – data

Inflation, which is an indicator showing the increase in the prices of goods and services, in Poland remains at double-digit levels – well above the target of the National Bank of Poland, which is 2.5 percent. allowing for fluctuations of plus or minus one percent.

According to the latest data from the Central Statistical Office inflation in March 2023 amounted to 16.1 percent. Every year.

Inflation in PolandPAP/Maciej Zielinski

From detailed data from the Central Statistical Office for March shows that during the year the price of sugar increased the most, by 81.5 percent. Sugar also opened the infamous list a month earlier. In second place were the prices of heat energy, which increased by 40.7 percent. Every year.

Milk is also at the forefront, which was 37.5% more expensive in March. than a year earlier. In the same period, the price of eggs increased by 37.2 percent.

We also pay much more for flour than in the same period a year earlier – by 29.9 percent, rice – by 28.5 percent, and bread – by 25.6 percent. Pasta and pasta products increased by 23 percent. Pork is 26% more expensive, and cold meats 22.8%. In addition, an average of 28.6 percent. you have to pay more for vegetables, while fruit went up by 16.8 percent.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA

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