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Minister Dariusz Wieczorek on the issue of visas for students: it could have been one of the elements of the visa scandal

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I think that several tens of thousands of people who wanted to study theoretically could have come to Poland, but it was only about having a visa – said the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Dariusz Wieczorek (Left Wing), in “One on One” on TVN24. In his opinion, “many private universities were established just to carry out this practice.” He said that a white paper has been prepared in this regard.

Dariusz Wieczorek were asked on Saturday in “One on One” on TVN24 how many people could have come to Poland to pretend to be students just to obtain a Schengen visa. – I think there are several tens of thousands of students who wanted to study theoretically, but it was just about having a visa and being able to Schengen zone – he replied. – I think that many private universities were established just to carry out this practice – he added.

When asked how many universities there were that were established only to attract people here, offering them studies, but in fact only a Schengen visa, the minister said that “we are currently analyzing it together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs because we want to put an end to this practice. “. – A white paper has already been prepared in this regard, showing what it looked like and what needs to be done – he said.

– The prosecutor's office conducts the activities, the investigative commission conducts the activities, and so do we. As for the ministry, currently four schools are being inspected in this regard, so we will see what the effects will be, Wieczorek said.

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When asked whether there could have been the tens of thousands of students he was talking about in these four schools, he replied: “of course not.” – The point is to grab the mechanism itself to see what it looks like – he added.

When asked whether the ministry knew whether it was a deliberate action intended to make money, or simply an omission or oversight, the minister said that “we can assume that it was a deliberate action, that it was a business.” He noted that the case would ultimately be resolved by the prosecutor's office and the court. – However, we have suspicions that this could actually be one of the elements of the visa scandal – said Wieczorek.

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