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Minister Gliński: we introduced democracy in Poland. Marcin Matczak: PiS is a party backwards

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We have introduced democracy in Poland, said Piotr Gliński, Minister of Culture and National Heritage on Tuesday. – PiS is a party backwards, creating a state backwards. This means everything they say should be understood the other way around – commented Professor Marcin Matczak, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw, in “Fakty po Faktach”.

– We have introduced democracy in Poland – said the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Piotr Gliński asked by journalists during the 32nd Economic Forum in Karpacz. – There was no real democracy until 2015 – he added.

Matczak: everything PiS says should be understood the other way round

The minister’s words were commented on in “Fakty po Faktach” by Professor Marcin Matczak, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw. – PIS this is a party backwards, creating a state backwards. That is, everything they say should be understood the other way around. It is absolutely clear that they have been destroying democracy and the rule of law for eight years, and this is the best example, he said.

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PiS, as the only one of the five largest electoral committees, refused to participate series of pre-election debates organized by TVN24. – Debate or conversation in a democracy is not just some formal invention, but it is the main mechanism thanks to which you can reach solutions that are the best, because no one has all the brains and no one is the smartest, not even Prime Minister Gliński – Matczak said. – They give themselves the attribute of infallibility, because if they don’t have to listen to anyone, especially critics, that’s exactly what it looks like – he added.

Marcin MatczakTVN24

– It’s the beginning of the school year, I wrote that if we don’t want to raise a bunch of little ones Jarosław Kaczyński, then we should expose our children to criticism. We also have a tendency to protect our children from criticism. Jarosław Kaczyński is creating a state in which there is no criticism, said Matczak.

– This means that there should only be so-called journalists who ask easy questions, such as whether the president is overtiring himself. There are no courts that can tell the Prime Minister that what he is doing is wrong, he added.

Matczak: without talking, they are destroying the country

The lawyer said that Jarosław Kaczyński is building “a state in which everyone is there to praise and applaud. To support and not to disturb.”

– Such a country cannot stand. And I say this not so informally, but we have scientific evidence, when it comes to, for example, law or political science, that situations in which someone falls into such a tunnel, that is, they feel that they already know everything best and do not need anyone listen, they end in disaster – he said.

– So it’s not just that they don’t talk, I don’t know, they have some whim. They are destroying the country because if there is no debate in parliament, laws are passed in 8 hours, if you don’t have to listen to anyone, you simply think you are god. And the whole history shows that if leaders believed that they knew everything, could do everything and were gods, it collapsed very quickly – he concluded.

Matczak: a few years ago, admitting someone like Bąkiewicz to the lists was a cause for shame

Law and Justice presented its electoral lists last week. Among the candidates of the ruling party in the Radom district will be the representative of Sovereign Poland and former president of the Independence March Association, Robert Bąkiewicz. In the Lubuskie Voivodeship, the candidate of the ruling camp will be Łukasz Mejza.

Marcin Matczak referred to these candidates in “Fakty po Faktach”. – Madeleine Albright wrote that fascism is not a historical phenomenon, but a psychological one. It is when someone thinks he is so smart and so good that he can tell everyone else what to do, and if they don’t agree, he can even kill them, as history shows, or at least use some violence towards them, he said.

– When fascism was born in the 1930s, observers showed that what was best for those who watched these fascists was dynamism. The fact that they can do something, they don’t talk, they act. PiS, in my opinion, has been promoting this attitude for eight years, not even crypto-fascist, in the sense of psychological fascism – he continued.

– In my opinion, this is a conscious attempt to encourage that part of Poles who, unfortunately, think similarly, to show that “see, we are so determined that we are not even ashamed of it”, although it is shameless. Just a few years ago, accepting someone like Mejza, i.e. a fraudster, someone like Bąkiewicz, on the lists was a cause for shame. Now we think it is morally disgusting, but somehow it turns out that it is possible, he said.

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