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Minister Michał Cieślak resigned. Jarosław Gowin comments on the case of the head of the post office from Pacanów

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This is an extreme efflorescence of the progressive depravity of the power camp – this is how Jarosław Gowin commented on the case of the former minister, Michał Cieślak, who reported to the head of the post office in Pacanów. – A few years ago, this man would certainly not have decided to take such steps – said Gowin, head of the Agreement, of which Cieślak was a member until 2021.

The head of the post office from Pacanów, who got into an argument about the high price of Minister Michał Cieślak, after his complaint, she was supposed to lose her job. Ultimately, however, Poczta Polska stated that he would not take any consequences for her business.

Due to widespread indignation at the behavior of Cieślak, the minister in the President’s Chancellery Council of Ministerspresident of PiS Jaroslaw Kaczynski called on him to resign. A few hours later it happened.

Michał CieślakRadek Pietruszka / PAP

Gowin: A few years ago he would not have decided to take such steps

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Jaroslaw Gowinthe leader of the Agreement – a party of which Cieślak was a member until 2021 – commented on this issue in Friday’s “Fakty po Faktach”.

– There is a famous sentence: power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts. PIS he has no absolute power, but he does have a lot of power. It is undoubtedly accompanied by progressive depravity, he said. And he added that “in the case of Pacanów we were dealing with its extreme efflorescence”.

Gowin said that he knew Cieślak and he was surprised by his behavior, because “a few years ago this man would not have decided to take such steps”. – These were steps imbued with arrogance, a complete lack of sensitivity to the other person’s situation – he assessed.

– Demanding to be dismissed is actually throwing this lady into a situation that may threaten the economic foundations of her family – Gowin pointed out.


Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka / PAP

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