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Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus on the situation at the border crossing in Dorohusk and the application of the ban on the transit of Ukrainian goods

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– The services assured me that none of the products listed in the regulation are allowed to cross the border – said the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Robert Telus during a visit to the border crossing in Dorohusk, where he met with the following services: customs, border guards and sanepid. He emphasized that Poland needs a 100% guarantee that Ukrainian products will not stay in our country.

– Poles deserve the truth. Over the past few hours, there have been many fake news on the Internet about these products, said the Minister of Agriculture, adding that “fake news serves Putin, who enjoys the destabilization in Poland.”

– This is a typical fake news policy that is somehow controlled from Moscow. We do not agree with this, that’s why I’m here to ensure that – said the Minister of Agriculture – The services ensure that from Saturday, around 8 pm, when this regulation was printed, no products from the list are allowed – he added.

– Today also, as you know, there was a meeting with the Ukrainian side (…). Talks are underway to settle this matter, primarily transit. We are not against it, but we must have a 100% guarantee as Poland that the products that destabilize the market, especially the agricultural market, do not flow into Poland – said Minister Talus.

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The minister announced a common front of Eastern European countries to create tools so that products from Ukraine were evenly distributed throughout Europe, not only in Poland.

Transportation of Ukrainian grain and ban on its import

On Saturday, the Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, signed an ordinance on the ban on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine. It assumes that by June 30. there is a ban on imports from Ukraine, e.g. cereals, sugar, eggs.

The Ministry of Development and Technology indicated that “during the inspection of products imported from the territory of Ukraine, harmful substances (pesticides) were detected, including in wheat.” “Due to this, in order to protect human life and health, a decision was made to issue a regulation” – explained Saturday’s announcement.

The Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus, in an interview with journalists on Saturday, repeated that the announced ban is to be a signal “primarily for the European Union to discuss this topic seriously, because so far we have the impression that this topic has not been discussed seriously”.

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