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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Minister of Agriculture: Ukrainian transports will be escorted. Grain Agreement

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Two days of talks, but I can say and this is the most important, they ended with full success – said the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Robert Telus at the conference after the meeting of the Polish and Ukrainian sides on grain from Ukraine. – Grain transports from Ukraine passing through Poland will be escorted and monitored by the SENT system – announced Telus.

The Minister of Agriculture said that Poland was forced to ban food imports from Ukraine “because of that European Union had her eyes closed to the problem we had in Poland concerning the importation of large quantities of grain (…) into Poland”.

– Immediately after the closure (of the border – editorial note), we continued talks with the Ukrainian side about how to make transit through Poland possible, but to ensure that these products, especially grain, did not stay in Poland – said Minister Telus

Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus and Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar BudaTVN24

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What will the security be?

– First of all, there will be a convoy through Poland for some time – said the minister. – Customs and tax services, as well as other services, will escort transports to the place where they should arrive. That is, abroad, or to Polish ports. The second very important mechanism, which guarantees that no ton will stay in Poland, is the introduction of the SENT mechanism, he said.

Shipments of Ukrainian grain through Poland will be covered by the SENT system and sealed with GPS seals. – The same mechanism was used when fuel imported in the past by various mafia organizations was sent to Poland – said the Minister of Agriculture.

Changes to the rules from Friday

– We will launch the passage of these goods, which today are attached to the regulation from Friday, from midnight – said Minister Buda. – This time until then is needed to issue two regulations of the Minister of Finance, including updating my regulation – he noted.

Minister Buda added that his regulation is to contain an additional provision that it will not be possible to withdraw from transit. – It will not be possible to change the destination, it will not be possible to stop at any customs point and put the goods on the market – he stressed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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