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Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski: – TVN24

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From Tuesday, patients who have recently stayed in hospital will be asked to answer nine questions regarding the quality of communication, treatment and nutrition – said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski. The survey will be anonymous.

“From October 26, we are starting a survey assessing the patient’s experience in hospital. Patients who have recently stayed in the hospital will be asked to answer nine questions regarding the quality of communication, treatment and nutrition. Thank you in advance for your time” – wrote the head of the Ministry of Health. .


Nine questions for patients

Patients will answer the following questions one by one: was the medical team involved in relieving pain, clearly informed about the risks associated with drugs, provided emotional support, involved the patient in the decision on treatment, what was the quality of food, was the communication understandable, was the immediate surroundings clean? whether there was silence at night and what is the probability of a hospital recommendation. Patients will rate these areas on a scale of 0 to 10.

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As reported on its website by the National Health Fund, the survey was created to “improve the quality and availability of services”. The study is a pilot. The fund pointed out that the pollsters will not reach all patients who are treated in hospitals, which is why the more valuable – as he pointed out – the opinions of patients who agree to the survey.

“In the daily rush, it is very difficult, especially when fighting for your health, to find time for a short conversation. We hope, however, that for the common good of patients, we will be able to set aside a few minutes to answer the interviewer’s questions. We would like to thank all patients for the time and time spent on us. participation in the survey “- emphasized the fund.

NHF: patients must be clear which service they evaluate

“Interviewers will know the telephone number and gender of the patient, the facility where the patient was treated, and the date the patient was removed from the admission schedule maintained by that facility. Patients must be clear which service they are assessing. Interviewers will not have personal information (such as first name). and surname, PESEL number) of the patients to whom they call, or data on the type of service the patients used. The data will be used only for the purpose of conducting a survey on monitoring the quality and availability of services “- calculated by the National Health Fund.

In case of any doubts, patients can confirm the interviewers’ identity by calling 800-190-590 (Patient Telephone Information).

“We ask patients to end the interview with the interviewer when he asks for an assessment of the service that did not take place and to let us know. This situation may be due to a mistake in the telephone number. Patients should end the interview and contact us (800- 190-590) whenever the interviewers’ behavior raises any doubts “- summed up the National Health Fund.

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