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Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar about the Justice Fund. “Deep Pathology”

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– Tomasz Mraz's tapes show a deep pathology regarding the functioning of the Justice Fund – said the Minister of Justice, Attorney General Adam Bodnar in “Kropka nad i”. When asked about Daniel Obajtek avoiding the investigative committee, he replied that “he who laughs last laughs best.” He also talked about subsequent requests to waive the immunities of MPs from Sovereign Poland.

Monika Olejnik's guest in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 was the Minister of Justice, Attorney General Adam Bodnar. – I realized that things were bad when it came to the Justice Fund. Even two or three years ago, it was enough to read materials on TVN24 and OKO.Press and you knew that there was something wrong, that it was very bad – said Bodnar.

He said that the tapes that have been published by tvn24.pl and other media for several days show “a deep pathology in the functioning of this fund.” – Further procedural steps taken by the prosecutor's office are important. I think that these requests to waive immunity, in particular, are a very serious matter for the prosecutor's office. (…) This application regarding Michał Woś has 28 pages. This is a very legally dense text, where every sentence, every argument, every piece of evidence presented is important, he emphasized.

Bodnar: we are preparing further applications

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Bodnar also said that the request to waive the immunity of MP Michał Wosi, former deputy minister of justice, is the first, but not the last. – More are being prepared – announced the head of the Ministry of Justice and informed that they will “concern people from Sovereign Poland”, because they were the ones who supervised the Justice Fund.

When asked whether the Sejm would also submit a motion to waive the immunity of the president of Sovereign Poland, a former minister of justice Zbigniew ZiobroBodnar replied that he did not want to decide it at this point.

– Being the Prosecutor General and exercising general supervision over the functioning of the prosecutor's office, I must necessarily leave room for decisions for the prosecutors who are handling the case, and they will decide whether, based on the evidence collected – and let us remind you that the search also covered Zbigniew Ziobro's house – these charges will also apply to him, he added.

Adam Bodnar in “Kropka nad i”TVN24

Sovereign Poland a criminal group? “We'll see”

When asked whether it could be said that the politicians of Sovereign Poland acted like an organized criminal group, the head of the Ministry of Justice replied that this is one of the threads that is being analyzed in this case, whether such an accusation can be made.

– This is a very serious charge, a charge under Article 258 of the Penal Code. I don't remember a situation where any politicians were ever discussed or talked about in this way. This is no longer just an ordinary abuse of power, but a very powerful accusation. We will see whether prosecutors will reach such conclusions based on the collected material, he said.

Bodnar on Mraz's tapes: not all of these conversations need to be publishedTVN24

“It could have been deeply unethical.”

The Minister of Justice said that the interactive map provided by the ministry he heads “shows how, with access to all these materials, it is possible to analyze the various processes that took place.” – There could be a correlation between the financing of Rural Women's Circles, Volunteer Fire Brigades and various other issues that were implemented at the local level and the places from which Sovereign Poland's candidates ran for parliament – he noted.

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– Paragraph 11 of the Regulation on the Justice Fund states that funds from the fund may be used for various other purposes. Therefore, we are not accusing it of illegality here, but we are accusing it that it could have been deeply unethical. She should look into this National Electoral Commission in terms of whether there was any illegal financing of the election campaign – he added.

As he explained, “the funds could have been transferred in such a way that it could have been related to the candidacy of individual people in the elections.” – Today I sent a letter to the head of the National Electoral Commission on this matter – he said.

When asked whether it bothered him that Tomasz Mraz presented his findings at the conference and that the tapes “were in different editorial offices,” Bodnar replied that he “would not see any violation of the law here.” However, the minister noted that he doubted whether all these conversations should be published. – Today I read one conversation that I don't know if it is necessary. It concerned, among others, one very decent public official who works in the Ministry of Justice and previously worked in the Ministry of Interior and Administration. I'm just humanly sorry that she has to read about herself now, said Bodnar.

Bodnar o "omission" PiS government

Bodnar on the PiS government's “abandonment”.TVN24

Bodnar on PiS's “abandonment”.

Bodnar asked if there was a government PIS knew about irregularities in the Justice Fund, he replied that “the answer will be provided by prosecutorial proceedings.” – There were reports of suspected crimes, which were publicized by MPs. Secondly, we had reports from the Supreme Audit Office. Official reports that indicated there was a problem with Ex Bono foundation or another, he said.

– If a report of the Supreme Audit Office appears, you cannot act in such a way that no conclusions are drawn from it. Each time it is the responsibility of not only a given minister, but also the Prime Minister, to consider what the report shows and what conclusions have been drawn, and here, even from this point of view, there is absolutely no need to do so, Bodnar added.

Bodnar about Obajtek: he who laughs last laughs best

Bodnar about Obajtek: he who laughs last laughs bestTVN24

“He who laughs last laughs best”

The parliamentary commission of inquiry into the visa scandal has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday Daniel Obajtek, former president of Orlen, to ask him, among other things o employing foreigners in the Olefina III investment. Obajtek did not appear for the hearing.

– It's definitely arrogance. There have been so many calls… Both the police and the prosecutor's office have already used all their possibilities. Everything points to Mr Obajtek's clear intentions not to be interrogated before elections to the European Parliament. But I would like to say one thing: the procedures for waiving immunity, if, of course, there are allegations, also apply when it comes to… European parliament – emphasized the minister. – He who laughs last laughs best. Sooner or later, this responsibility will also apply to Daniel Obajtek – added Bodnar on TVN24.

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