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Ministries – earnings. Ministries of Infrastructure, Finance, Climate and Environment and Foreign Affairs showed the figures

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The ministries of infrastructure, finance, climate and environment as well as foreign affairs have announced how much the average salary of ministry employees. Information on employment and salaries was included in the replies to parliamentary questions, which were published on the website of the Sejm.

Members of the Left, Wiesław Szczepański, Tadeusz Tomaszewski and Bogusław Wontor, addressed parliamentary questions to the ministries regarding the employment and remuneration of employees of the ministries. Parliamentarians asked, inter alia, what was the employment in individual ministries in 2019-2020, what was the average wage and how many ministry employees receive the minimum wage in 2021 in the amount of PLN 2,800 gross.

In recent days, responses from several ministries have been published on the Sejm’s website.


Wages in ministries

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IN Ministry of Infrastructure at the end of 2020, 761 people were employed full-time, while in the same period a year earlier there were 504 people. “The change in the employment level results from organizational changes consisting in the inclusion of organizational units in the Ministry of Infrastructure that handle the matters of the departments: inland navigation, maritime economy and water management, as well as employees handling the affairs of these departments, and the exclusion of organizational units and employees handling the communications department” – explained Andrzej Bittel, deputy minister of infrastructure.

The average remuneration in the above period decreased from PLN 8,170 at the end of 2019 to PLN 7,980 at the end of last year. Bittel indicated that all ministry employees were paid more than the minimum wage. “The Ministry of Infrastructure is not planning wage increases in 2022,” added the deputy minister.

In 2020, the average employment in Ministry of Finance was 2,429 people. This is more than the year before, when the ministry had 2,232 employees. Last year, the average monthly salary was PLN 8,671.90, while in 2019 it was PLN 9,752.61. There are no employees in the Ministry of Finance who receive the minimum wage. The above data does not include officers of the Customs and Tax Service and additional annual remuneration.

According to the information provided by Deputy Minister of Finance, Piotr Patkowski, in 2022, the Ministry of Finance in its office plans to increase employment to 2,883 employees.

In turn, the average employment in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2020, there were 1,605 people in the ministry and 1,811 in foreign missions. For comparison, in 2019 it was 1,676 people and 1,804 people, respectively.

The average gross monthly salary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the fourth quarter of 2020 was PLN 8,687.63. In the same period a year earlier it was PLN 9349.98 gross. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Piotr Wawrzyk informed that in 2021 the minimum gross salary is received by five employees of the ministry.

Minister of Climate and Environment Michał Kurtyka reported that at the end of 2020, 857 people were employed in the ministry. The average salary was PLN 7,554.49. “In Ministry 1, an employee receives a wage in the amount of the minimum wage in 2021, ie PLN 2,800 gross” – Kurtyka informed.

So far, the following has not responded to parliamentary questions regarding employment and remuneration: Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Ministry of Development and Technology, Ministry of Affairs Internal Affairs and Administration, the Ministry of State Assets and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

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