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Minsk Mazowiecki. The Mitsubishi driver was running away from the police. He was drunk and had two lifelong driving bans

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Police officers from Mińsk Mazowiecki noticed a Mitsubishi moving suspiciously. They decided to stop the driver for inspection, but he started to run away – first by car and then on foot. It turned out that the 46-year-old had several things to hide.

During the night, police officers from the patrol unit of the District Police Headquarters in Mińsk Mazowiecki noticed the Mitsubishi. The driver’s driving style indicated that he may be under the influence of alcohol. The officers used light and sound signals to signal the driver to stop for a road check. But he didn’t react as he should have.

– He accelerated and fled, during which he also committed numerous traffic violations. The police informed the police officer on duty about the situation and started a pursuit of the Mitsubishi, which continued to a nearby town outside the city, where the driver tried to get away from the car on foot – said Staff Sergeant Elżbieta Zagórska from the District Police Headquarters in Mińsk Mazowiecki in a statement.

After a short pursuit on foot, police detained the driver.

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Drunk with two driving bans

The officers’ suspicions were confirmed by a breathalyzer test. – The 46-year-old was under the influence of alcohol, he had more than per mille of alcohol in his body. In addition, a check in the police systems of the resident of the Stanisławów commune showed that he had two court lifetime driving bans – added the policewoman.

The car did not have up-to-date technical inspections, so the police kept the registration certificate.

The driver was detained. After sobering up, he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, despite lifelong driving bans, and failing to stop for inspection. The 46-year-old’s case will end in court.

The police remind us that every drunk driver on the road is a threat. Failure to stop for a road check is a crime punishable by up to five years in prison.

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