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Mirosław Różański about Antoni Macierewicz: people around him appeared accused of being agents

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Antoni Macierewicz suspended the modernization of the army. If it were not for his decision, today we would have multi-role helicopters – said Mirosław Różański, senator, former General Commander of the Armed Forces, at a press conference when asked about the former head of the Ministry of National Defense in the context of investigating Russian influence. He said that in Macierewicz's entourage “there were people who today are actually accused of being agents of Russia.”

At a press conference before the closed session of the National Defense Committee, its chairman, Senator Mirosław Różański (Poland 2050), was asked about Antoni Macierewicz in the context of investigating Russian influence in Poland. Prime Minister Donald Tusk he said on Monday in “Fakty po Faktach” that “the loop of information we collect is tightening around Antoni Macierewicz.”

Różański: If not for Macierewicz's decision, we would have helicopters

The former General Commander of the Armed Forces, referring to the issue of modernization of the armed forces, said that before 2015 there were “14 operational programs, and Minister Macierewicz suspended these programs with his decision in 2016 and the modernization of the army was suspended until 2018.” In January 2018, he replaced Macierewicz as the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak.

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Senator Poland 2050 added that “if it were not for this decision by Macierewicz, today we would have multi-role helicopters in many aspects.” He assessed that “this type of action was not conducive to building the resilience of our country.”

– So someone who wants to make such a thesis, as we hear it in the media, as presented by Prime Minister Tusk, among others, I think that this thesis has deep justification – said Różański.

He mentioned that over the last 8 years, commenting on the security situation, he has repeatedly pointed out that there is an “alleged building of the army's potential through, in short, the devastation of the existing situation, because today divisions of type 11 or 12 are actually deprived of their defensive capabilities.”

Różański about Macierewicz's surroundings

Różański also said that “in the environment of Minister Macierewicz, there were people already at the stage when the verification and liquidation commissions, for example the Military Information Services, were functioning, who today are actually accused of being agents of Russia.”

– I think that this type of situations will be analyzed by a commission, which, I hope, will be established soon, which will not only have the aspect of political revanchism, but will only talk about substantive situations and specific solutions – said Różański. He referred to the commission on Russian influence, the establishment of which was announced by Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Mirosław RóżańskiPAP/Radek Pietruszka

Różański: Parliament should take part in this

Różański announced at the press conference that a closed meeting of the Senate national defense committee would begin at 2 p.m., during which the Ministry of National Defense would present the Senate with the results of the audit that had been conducted in the ministry over the past few months.

He said what issues would be discussed during it. Senators – as Różański said – will discuss, among other things, the threats related to the unstable situation in the Middle East and war in Ukraine.

Senator Różański assessed that the Parliament should participate in making decisions important for Poland's security, therefore the committee will discuss the “East Shield” program announced by the government, for the implementation of which PLN 10 billion is to be allocated. The senator pointed out that “Poland will also participate in the program to increase the capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces in the field of obtaining reconnaissance data.”

The issue of the president's initiative will also be discussed at the committee meeting Andrzej Duda, which provides for the introduction of changes in the military and non-military areas, strengthening the capabilities to counteract hybrid threats, subthreshold threats and direct armed aggression. The draft act on actions of state authorities in the event of an external threat to state security was submitted to the Sejm on May 2.

“The issue of spending a billion zlotys”

As Różański noted, implementing the president's proposal generates further costs. – We are on the eve of issuing a new document related to the programming of the Polish Armed Forces for the years 2025-2039. It's a matter of spending a billion zlotys, he emphasized.

– Security has no price, but I believe that the parliament is, among other things, the institution in the state structure that should exercise control over the rational and proper spending of these funds. Therefore, my idea was to familiarize parliamentarians with the actual state of affairs presented by the Polish Armed Forces today, he concluded.

Main photo source: TVN24

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