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Mława County in Mazovia. A drunken 18-year-old threatened his mother that he would burn down the house, he ran away from the police on a scooter

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The Mława police are investigating a detained, intoxicated 18-year-old who threatened to burn down his family home. The young man damaged the door and set fire to bales of straw in the field, he was running away from the intervening policemen on a scooter, said Asp. pcs. Anna Pawłowska, spokeswoman for the police in Mława.

The incident took place in one of the communes of the Mława district. Police received a report of an intoxicated 18-year-old who threatened his mother with setting fire to the family home. He damaged the front door and set fire to several bales of straw stored in the field. Then he got on his scooter and drove away.

He was drunk, they found drugs on him

He also did not stop when called by the police, who overpowered him a moment later. It turned out that the young man had over 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his system. – As he stated in an interview with uniformed officers, he drank alcohol from the morning, he also used drugs. In the room used by him, the police found cannabis drought. Blood was taken from the detainee for drug testing. He was placed in police custody, the police officer said.

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The 18-year-old was charged with damage to property, criminal threats, driving while intoxicated in recidivism conditions, possession of intoxicants and failure to stop for a road inspection. He is also a person suspected of domestic violence, the “Blue Card” procedure has been initiated. The aggressor is forbidden to approach the mother and must also leave the house. He is liable to imprisonment for up to 5 years.

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