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MObywat application. The government is preparing changes regarding identity cards – there is a bill

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Digital documents in the mObywat application are to be legally equated with analogous documents in a traditional form. This is how the government bill that has been consulted has assumed.

It is about the bill on the mObywat application, which was published on the website of the Government Legislation Center. According to the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), the aim of the project is to legally equate digital documents handled in the mObywat application with similar documents in a traditional, non-electronic form.

In particular, it is about specifying the conditions for the use and recognition of an electronic document handled with the mObywat application, which is to serve as a mobile identity document – a mobile equivalent of an ID card.

Changes in the mObywat application

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The expected solution is also the extension of the available scope of data that can be managed by the users of the mObywat application as part of the mObywat electronic document. This includes, for example, NIP (if issued), date of issue of an ID card, marital status, address and date of registration for a temporary stay and the date of expiry of the declared date of stay, contact details from the Register of Contact Data.

The project is also intended to create solutions that will enable local government units and other entities such as professional organizations, associations, sports unions to keep records, run and manage their electronic documents issued for citizens.

“These activities will contribute to leveling the disproportions in the field of access to modern technologies, in particular for the inhabitants of smaller communes and poviats which, due to costs, for example, do not give their inhabitants the possibility of effective use, e.g. with resident cards. Preparation of a solution. at the level of the ICT system of the minister responsible for computerization, related to the functioning of the mObywat application, which will be available to entities without adequate resources, and providing services, eg for residents, will be a convenient solution for service providers “- indicated in RIA.

The draft act is also intended to enable the use of the mObywat application as authentication of a trusted profile. It has been added that the application is also to allow in the future to make payments as part of services provided by public entities.

The act is to enter into force 14 days after its announcement. “With regard to the functionality of the mObywat application, which will not be made available on the date of entry into force of the bill in question (e.g. electronic payment service), the minister responsible for computerization will issue a message before their universal release. This will inform citizens as well as private and public entities about the implementation and launching a solution that is a response to the above-defined problems “- informed.

mObywatel – number of users

Secretary of state in the Chancellery of the President Council of Ministers Adam Andruszkiewicz explained at the Thursday conference that about 8 million Poles use the mObywatel application every day. Due to the spread of the application and the large number of people using it, the electronic document in mObywatel is to be equated with the “traditional” ID card.

– We want the mObywat application to enable us to confirm our identity in all places and situations in our country on a par with the plastic ID we have in our wallets on a daily basis. We want the mObywat application to be able to use other ICT systems that operate in our country, to be able to confirm your data and be able to deal with your affairs online with the help of mObywat, said the representative of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

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