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mObywatel 2.0 and mDowod. A new ID. The Ministry of Digitization explains

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On July 14, the law on the mObywatel application enters into force. Thanks to it, we will gain a new document – mEvidence. As the Ministry of Digitization explains, it is not a digital version of the ID card – the documents differ, among others, in series and number and expiration date.

“The new era of documents and digital services in Poland begins on July 14, 2023. With the entry into force of the Act on the mObywatel application, we will gain a new document – mDowod” – wrote the Ministry of Digitization in a communiqué.

– We can confirm our identity with it, just like with a traditional ID card or passport – emphasized the Minister of Digitization Janusz Cieszyński, quoted in the communiqué.

mObywatel 2.0 and mDowod from July 14, 2023

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“mObywatel 2.0 is an application that can be safely and free of charge downloaded from July 14 to your smartphone from the Google Play and App Store. The new application is primarily a citizen’s assistant, thanks to which dealing with official matters will be simpler and more convenient – without leaving home” – reported MC.

It was added that “mObywatel 2.0 has gained a new graphic design, designed in accordance with the latest trends”, and “using it will therefore be intuitive and comfortable”.

– We are the largest country in the European Union that has introduced a digital identity document. Each of us will be able to identify mDowodem throughout the country. We are obliged to respect this document and be able to confirm the identity of the person who uses it. It is very easy. We scan the QR code provided by another person, for example an employee of the office, and in this way we confirm our identity – explained Cieszyński.


mProof – when will it be available?

As the Ministry of Digitization pointed out, “there is no longer an obligation to carry an ID card with you – all you have to do is prove yourself with mDowod”.

“We would like to remind you that this is not a digital version of the ID card – the documents differ in series and number, date of issue and validity. We will be able to use mID in any situation: in offices, at the notary public, concluding contracts, but also, for example, when renting a car or sports equipment ” – it was written in the communiqué.

It was added that “we will not be able to use the new digital document only in three situations:

– submitting an application for a new ID card, – crossing the country’s border, – settling matters in entities subject to the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering, e.g. in banks (this will be possible from September 1 this year).

mObywatel 2.0 – logging in to various institutions

“With the application, we can also log in to public services, e.g. to the e-Tax Office, ZUS, PUE or IKP. As Janusz Cieszyński argues, it is a convenient and safe solution. “We will not have to remember different passwords and logins, logging in will be simple and fast,” MC wrote.

Among the features and services available from July 14, as well as those “coming to the app in the future”, include:

– ePayments; – Safe bus; – Your neighborhood in mObywatel; – Reserve PESEL number; – e-Delivery; – e-Powers of Attorney; – Vehicle history; – e-Visit to ZUS; – Reporting the loss of an ID card; – Provisional driving licence.

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