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mObywatel application. The mproof service has been available in banks since Friday

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From Friday, you can use mIdentity ID in banks and other financial institutions – said Michał Kalinowski, the plenipotentiary of the Minister of Digital Affairs for the mObywatel application. He added that more than three million electronic identity documents have been issued so far.

On Friday, banks introduced the obligation to respect mID in the mObywatel application. Financial institutions appealed for the introduction of a transitional period that would allow for the introduction of appropriate procedures and tools.

To the bank with the application

The plenipotentiary of the Minister of Digital Affairs for the mObywatel application, Michał Kalinowski, reminded in an interview with PAP that from July 14, all institutions except financial institutions were obliged to accept mID. – The vacatio legis period for financial institutions has been extended so that they can adapt, among other things, so that they can integrate with our system for verification purposes – said Kalinowski.

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– The obligation for financial institutions to respect the mID in the mObywatel application means that every citizen who comes to such a facility, be it an insurance company or a bank, will be able to show their mID, which means that there will be no situation where someone will not be able to identify themselves, because, for example, he forgot his plastic ID – he noted.

He added that there should be no situation where banks refuse to recognize mID. – As the Ministry of Digitization, we have been conducting educational activities for many months together with the Polish Bank Association and most business associations. If we hear about situations where given institutions do not accept such a document for some reason, we will first conduct educational activities aimed at encouraging the document to be accepted, he said.

The representative of the Minister of Digitization for the mObywatel application said that the ministry has made available a free web tool that allows you to verify another person’s mID. The person whose document is being verified should use the mObywatel application version 4.15 or newer.

Thanks to this, every customer service employee can open the website https://werizator.mobywatel.gov.pl/ on their computer, where a QR code will be displayed. The customer scans the QR code and the employee receives the verification result.

He reminded that an information campaign about products from the mObywatel application, including mID, is planned to start in September. – The September campaign is still valid – he said. The following will be presented: new services present in the application.

He informed that so far over 3 million new electronic identity documents – mIDs – have been issued.

With mProof of election?

In an interview with a reporter of the “Polska i Świat” magazine TVN24, Michał Kalinowski stated that mID can replace a traditional document when presenting an ID card before the electoral commission.

– Of course, all you need is mID. In fact, the Act of July 14, 2023 introduced a new identity document. It is recognized on the same terms as a passport or a traditional plastic document, Kalinowski said.

He pointed out that we have several verification processes for this document. – One of them is cryptographic verification – he emphasized. He added that under this method, verification can be done by “scanning a QR code or entering a six-digit code.” – However, we can also perform such verification without the application through visual verification. Then you need to pay special attention to the elements of this document, for example the date and the flag flying, he said.

When asked whether electoral commissions will have appropriate tools to verify mID, he replied: “I am not an employee of the National Electoral Commission, so I am not able to confirm it.” – But I hope that the employees NEC they will be properly trained, he emphasized.

New features

A new version of the application has been in operation since July 14, when the mCitizen Act came into force. More functions and services appear in mObywatel 2.0. One of them is an identity document – mID. It can be used throughout the country. The exception is when traveling abroad and applying for a traditional ID card.

Other services available in mObywatel include: possibility of reporting environmental violations. In July, the Safe Bus function was introduced, which allows you to check whether the bus you will be traveling in has valid technical inspections and third-party liability insurance, and whether it is registered.

The service applies to city buses, sightseeing buses and all buses that are in the Polish Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers, i.e. those that have Polish registration numbers.

One of the new features is also a temporary driving license. This service was gradually introduced to mObywatel in the first half of August. A provisional driving license allows drivers to drive immediately after the test until they collect the plastic document.

The provisional driving license is a digital document that is valid for 30 days from passing the test. It allows you to drive vehicles for categories AM, A1, A2, A, B1, B, B+E or T. It is therefore intended for beginner drivers, as well as for those who have extended their driving license

More services will be added in the future

In the future, mObywatel has, among others: send notifications of receipt tax refund, funding from the commune, or a decision to admit a child to kindergarten. It will also inform you about the upcoming expiry date of documents such as your ID card and passport.

The application is to be integrated with the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG), the National Court Register (KRS), the Register of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture and the Register of Bailiffs and Notaries.

The mObywatel application is available in Google Play and App Store.

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