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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

mObywatel – failure? 2023 parliamentary elections

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On Sunday, Internet users reported problems with access to the mObywatel application, which can be used to confirm our identity by the electoral commission. Therefore, we encourage you to take physical photo IDs with you to the polling stations. The Central IT Center commented on problems with logging in to the mObywatel application.

In July 2023, the Act on the mObywatel application entered into force, introducing a new version of the application – mObywatel 2.0. With it came mProof.

On Sunday, Kontakt24 receives information about problems with access to the application. Users also complain about its operation on social media.

We tried to contact the Ministry of Digital Affairs regarding this matter, but to no avail.

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We were told on the mObywatel hotline that there were no reports of failure. At the same time, it was added that the time needed to log in to the service may be slightly longer.

The Central Information Technology Center informed on the X platform that when the mObywatel application is heavily loaded, it is possible to present the document offline. It has been added that to open #mID in the offline version, you should – instead of trying to log in again – select the “Go to application” option.

The entry was shared by the Minister of Digital Affairs, Janusz Cieszyński.

2023 parliamentary elections

In the parliamentary elections, which take place on October 15, Poles elect their representatives to the Sejm and the Senate. A referendum also takes place on this day. Pursuant to Art. 52. paragraph 1 of the Electoral Code, before voting, a voter must show the district electoral commission a document enabling him to confirm his identity. Only then will he receive a voting card from the commission and confirm its receipt with his signature in the voter roll.

What document can you take with you? Pursuant to Resolution No. 211/2023 of the National Electoral Commission of September 25 on guidelines for district electoral commissions, before issuing voting cards, the commission “checks the voter’s identity based on the ID card or any other document with a photo, provided that determining the voter’s identity on its basis there is no doubt.”

The resolution emphasizes that the voter can present any such document and mentions that in addition to a regular ID card, it can also be, for example, a passport, driving license, student ID and the mObywatel application. A voter may even present “an expired document, provided that establishing identity on its basis is beyond doubt.”

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