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Models who are fighting cancer took to the catwalk. “I feel like a fish in water here, like a boar in acorns”

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Any way to encourage women to participate in oncology research is invaluable. This one is unique – it is a fashion show and concert with the participation of models undergoing oncological treatment. The La Vie La Vie Foundation wants to “break the spell of cancer” and show that you can live a normal life during the disease and during treatment.

They have already had chemotherapy. Now they are undergoing therapy with shine, color and fashion panache. – I feel like a fish in water here, like a boar in acorns – says Nina Hutnik, ambassador of the La Vie La Vie Oncological Foundation and a model. The Wrocław ONA fashion show of the La Vie La Vie Oncological Foundation, with the participation of 44 models during or after oncological treatment, was intended to affirm femininity. Not only on the catwalk. – I always went to chemotherapy, colloquially speaking, crazy, because I felt like a woman – says Bożena Skarbek, a model.

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It helped beat the cancer. In Mrs. Bożena’s case, three different ones in ten years. Taking care of the quality of life, attitude and prevention allowed not only her to survive. – I am a nurse by profession and I really checked myself very systematically. It was a shock, admits Bożena Skarbek. – It does not have to end badly if we catch it at the right time, if we perform breast self-examination, if we use imaging tests – explains Anna Podeszwa, president and founder of the La Vie La Vie Oncological Foundation.

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Mammography – a test that can save your lifeTVN24

Low social awareness

A discussion about why preventive examinations are not good accompanied the entire event. There are regions of Poland where only every second woman undergoes free mammography. – In Poland, we record over 20,000 cases of breast cancer annually – says Professor Agnieszka Kołacińska-Wow, surgeon, Medical University of Lodz. He adds that the incidence of this disease is increasing all over the world. – Every month we have patients who hid it from their family or explained to themselves that it was perhaps a bruise. They lead to a very advanced stage of the disease. Unfortunately, we often deal with the disease spread throughout the body – adds Professor Piotr Wysocki, head of the Clinical Oncology Department at the University Hospital in Krakow.

Nobody hides that there are costs. Pain, fear, sometimes breast removal surgery, but scientist, engineer Nina Hutnik, argues that it is always better to know. – I also had my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. I’m here and I want to show that it doesn’t take away from femininity at all, she emphasizes. Kamil Hala’s creations emphasized femininity even more. All the women were happy for this show. – Each of us has moments when it is difficult, but this is a moment, a moment. You look in the mirror and say “girl, it’s over, it’s over. Move four letters. And go forward” – emphasizes Bożena Skarbek.

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