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Modernized Storm Action Park. When is opening

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On Friday, during an information walk, the modernized “Burza” Action Park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound was shown. However, it is not yet available, reception is still pending.

– The modernized “Burza” Action Park is an investment carried out by the Warsaw Greenery Management. We have two narratives presented here: historical and educational and natural – says Olga Rosłoń-Skalińska, Deputy Director of the Greenery Board for Investment and Development.

As she explained, “these are two paths that lead to the top of the Warsaw Uprising Mound, showing elements of destroyed Warsaw, rubble of the destroyed city, and nature and plants that grew on the Mound.”

“Burza” Action Park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound in WarsawPAP/Andrzej Lange

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– On 14 boards of the educational and natural path, we present information on how the so-called fourth nature annexed the rubble that was brought here after the war during the removal of rubble from Warsaw. We show the nature of the mound – from the simplest organisms to vascular plants and animals that live here – said Rosłoń-Skalińska. She added that during the modernization and construction works, new trees and numerous plant species from Mazovia were also planted.

“We didn’t export anything”

– At the foot of the mound, we built a lapidarium, which is filled with rubble from this area, because we did not take anything away – she said. – This lapidarium resembles the labyrinth of rubble encountered by Varsovians returning to the capital after the war. They mentioned that they walked along narrow streets between heaps of rubble – and our gabions, i.e. rubble exposed in metal meshes, resemble these paintings – she explained. She added that next to the gabions in the lapidarium, visitors will find boards, photos, plans and information about the history of removing rubble from Warsaw and the Mound, which was built after the war in the clay pits in Czerniaków.

All rubble

She reminded that “the mound is 30 meters high and was made entirely of rubble.” – This mound, as well as other hills in Warsaw, was the site of the rubble depot, which was waste, because the rubble during the removal of rubble from the capital was very carefully selected. What could be used was reused – and here came elements that could not be reused. It was just a pile of rubble that nature then annexed for itself, she said.

“Burza” Action Park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound in WarsawPAP/Andrzej Lange

– At the top of the Warsaw Uprising Mound, there is a square prepared for celebrations related to the Warsaw Uprising. At the top, rubble reappears in similar gabions. The whole square is slightly enlarged, we have also changed to a slightly lighter, metal, existing plinth of the Fighting Poland Monument, i.e. Anchor, destroyed over the years – she said. – The monument itself has also been renovated and painted anew. We also installed the illumination of the monument, i.e. a warm light that imitates flames – explained Olga Rosłoń-Skalińska, adding that a new observation deck was also built.

Renovated “W” Hour Avenue

She emphasized that along the renovated Avenue of Hours “W”, which leads to the top of the mound, “12 gabions with elements of exposed rubble were placed”. – These are the elements discovered in the area of ​​the Warsaw Uprising Mound. And so, going from the top, we first show the newest elements, i.e. rubble concrete produced after World War II – the material from which Warsaw was rebuilt. It was a mixture of concrete and rubble, obtained from the ruins of Warsaw. Then we have, among others, a pre-war chimney shaft, elements of ceramics including the entire fragment of the floor, we have a fragment of a lintel, an element of an intricately made arch of the window. Everything is described in detail in Polish and English and you can read about it – she said. – This “W” Hour Avenue has been slightly rebuilt by us – there are more comfortable stairs, places to rest, handrails – she explained.

Reception is still pending

Maciej Kaufman from the Archigrest studio in Warsaw reminded that the architectural competition in which his design and architectural studio won the first prize was settled in 2019.

– Then, in 2021, we announced a tender for the execution of this project. In September 2021, REMONDIS sp. z o.o. entered the investment area, reminded Rosłoń-Skalińska. – At the moment, in the second half of July, we are in the acceptance phase. Since this reception is still ongoing – it is difficult for us to say when we will invite residents of Warsaw. I hope it will be in August – she explained, adding that “next week there will be acceptance of electrical works”.

Play area

– When building the play area, we tried to use the topography of the mound. For example, you can slide down this hill, then run along these artificial hills, and then climb the hill with the help of a net, i.e. make a full circle – said Maciej Kaufman. – There is also a mud kitchen, i.e. a sandpit, which is connected to a system of tables on which water flows. Therefore, it will be possible not only to play in the sand, but also in the mud – he explained.

“Burza” Action Park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound in WarsawPAP/Andrzej Lange

In the play area, visitors will encounter e.g. a device for climbing and balance exercises, a zip-line (slide on a hanging seat), a pump with gutters for playing with water and sand, a metal slide, a tunnel (passage under the hill), a “Bird’s Nest” tower for balance and climbing exercises, a rope net hanging from the slope for climbing.

It will be available to everyone

The park has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and carers with children. These people will be able to get to the top of the mound bypassing the stairs of the “Burza” Action Avenue, i.e. by walking paths and roads in ravines, the angle of which – in accordance with the requirements of the Capital City of Warsaw – is Warsaw – five degrees. In addition, metal bridge structures were built among the trees (from the side of new housing estates) and metal access footbridges for people with disabilities.

Show while walking

During the Friday information walk around the modernized “Burza” Action Park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound, it was reminded that the work area covered almost nine hectares of land.

“Burza” Action Park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound in WarsawPAP/Andrzej Lange

Olga Rosłoń-Skalińska also informed that the Greenery Management of the Capital City of Warszawa already has a ready project for the modernization of the square from the side of Bartycka Street, which will be the entrance to the “Burza” Action Park, but the first tender was canceled because the submitted bids exceeded the budget reserved for this part of the investment. An application has been made to the Warsaw Council to increase this budget – and when it happens – the Green Management of the Capital City of Warsaw of Warsaw will announce the second tender.

The construction of the park under the Mound of the Warsaw Uprising is carried out as part of the EU project No. POIS.02.05.00-00-0116/16 entitled Creation of green areas with historical symbolism in the area of ​​the capital city Warsaw, co-financed from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020.

The contractor for the modernization, the cost of which amounted to over PLN 24 million, is REMONDIS sp.

By the decision of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw of March 24, 2004, this mound is called the Mound of the Warsaw Uprising.

Main photo source: PAP/Andrzej Lange

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