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Mokotów. The drunk woman was looking after the child. She had three parts per mille

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City wardens received a report of a drunk woman hanging out with a child in one of the bars. A babysitter of a few-year-old boy had almost three blood alcohol levels.

The incident took place on Thursday, after 4 p.m. City guards patrolling Mokotów received information about an intoxicated woman who is taking care of a child.

She had three parts per mille

“They were both supposed to be in one of the fast-food bars in Mokotów. The officers went to the place. At one of the tables there was a woman with a child aged 5-6” – informs the city guard on its website.

As the officers added, during the conversation with the guards, the woman was contactable and logically answered the questions asked. The child was well-groomed and calm. The babysitter of the boy said she didn’t drive the vehicle, and she came here from the bar next door. She also said that she lived nearby and the boy’s father was at home – and asked to escort her and the baby home.

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“And so it happened. When the child was safe, the guards – as a preventive measure – called the policemen to the scene to test the woman with a breathalyzer. The device showed almost three per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air.

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